Friday, April 3, 2009

Cards - Double your Fun

Here is the list of supplies needed:
• Cardstock
• Rubberstamps
• Ink
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Bone Folder
• Modge Podge (and foam brush to apply)
• Popdot (optional)

Here is the list of supplies needed:
• Glossy white cardstock
• Plain white cardstock
• Rubberstamps
• Versamark ink
• Clear Embossing powder (& heat gun)
• Alcohol inks (& applicator)
• Iron

The same steps are taken for each focal stamped image for each set of two cards as follows:

1. Cut a piece of glossy cardstock a little bit larger than the image you intend to stamp.
2. Using Versamark ink, rubberstamp image onto glossy white cardstock.
3. Sprinkled clear embossing powder over image, shake off excess.
4. Using a heat gun, emboss image.
5. Dab various colors of alcohol inks, in an up/down dotting pattern, all over the entire piece of glossy cardstock including the stamped image.
6. Cut a piece of plain white cardstock the same size as the piece of glossy cardstock, lay this piece over the image.
7. Using an iron, iron the two pieces of cardstock together, this will heat up the embossing powder and transfer it to the plain white cardstock from the glossy cardstock. You will need to work quickly to ensure you can separate the two pieces without them actually adhering together. If they do appear to stick together, use the iron to warm them back up and give it another try. This process will leave a white image of the stamped image on the glossy cardstock, and a colored embossed image on the plain white cardstock.
8. You can now trim, mat, embellish, and adhere these two images to your card backs.


  1. I just love these! What a neat technique and great results. Another thing to add to my list of things to do.

  2. Wow...phenomenal. You're always such an inspiration, Deb!

  3. People always laugh at me when I tell them one of the best gifts my DH ever gave me was a cordless iron, and you have just DOUBLED my joy in using it! Thanks again Deb <3

  4. People always give me funny looks when I tell them that one of the best gifts my DH ever gave me is a cordless iron. If they only knew what I really use it for, lol. Thanks for another use for my wonderful iron!



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