Sunday, February 22, 2009

PSL - its a LOVE-HATE relationship!!!

Well everytime PSL (ProScrapbookers League) competition comes around, I tell myself 'no - don't sign up...' but for some reason, I always do...

Now for those of you - who don't know what PSL is exactly - it is a a competition sponsered by ClubScrap that runs roughly 8 weeks with some fantastic prizes along the way for the winners. Everyone is assigned to teams - you can either Traditional scrapbook, Digital scrapbook, or make Cards - you just sign up for the appropriate Team. Every week there is a new 'guideline' that you have to meet in order for your layout to qualify for the full 2 points. If you create just a layout that doesn't meet the guideline - then it is worth 1 point.

You are on a team playing against other you wanna help out as much as you can, but if you have a slow week, it really is no problem. But the "Hate" part of this is, I always have this internal need to make sure and do my part to enter as many layouts as I can - which sort of adds more to my plate of stuff to do - which I should never do voluntarily...yet here I am once again - signed up and participating - now the LOVE part of this relationship - look at how many layouts I got done this weekend??? TONS!!! Normally I might get 2 layouts a week done, but PSL - really really kicks my butt into gear and vola' looky looky at the turn out...I only have maybe 4-6 more layouts and I will FINALLY have my whole Oregon Coast vacation album done and ready to send in for printing - wooohoooo!

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