Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jewelry - Domino Earrings/Bracelet

Domino Earrings & Bracelet

Mini Dominos (approx. 1/2 in x 1 in; 1/4 inch thick)
Various colors of Alcohol inks
Alcohol Ink Applicator (wooden stamp handle/felt)
Posh Impressions Accent Pen (copper, gold, silver)
Fish hook earring parts (for earrings)
Head pins (for earrings)
Stretchy cord (for bracelet)
Crafter's pick glue
Glossy Accents
Rangers Archival black ink
Dremel tool (or similar) with small drill bit


1. Start by determining the number of dominos you need for your bracelet and/or earrings. I used a vice grip to hold my dominos while I drilled their holes. I drilled one hole about 1/2 inch deep into one end of my domino. For the bracelet, I drill two holes running all the way throught the full width of the domino. This was actually very easy to accomplish, once I got everything set up.
2. Now, take your applicator tool and felt and add a few drops of the first color of alcohol ink you want to apply. You can also add some of the accent pen to the ink spot on the felt pad. Tap the tool in and up and down motion over parts of the domino. The alcohol inks will dry relatively quickly, then you can repeat on the edges of the domino, and then the back side of the domino. If your inks spread out and give you a flat 'blah' looking spot, once that spot is dry, just tap at that spot again and let it dry, keep tapping until you get a look you like.
3. Once first color is completely dry, you can repeat using a second and/or third color of ink. Make sure you start additional colors after initial colors are dry, so that you do not get a 'muddy' mix of colors.
4. Once dry, you can stamp images onto the dominos. Let dry.
5. Now, I used the glossy accents and put a thin layer over one side of the domino, and let dry until clear, this takes a while, generally overnight or maybe even longer, depending on the temperature and climate of your house. Once one side is dry, I flipped them over, and repeated on the back side of each domino.
6. For the earrings, I took my head pin and placed a couple of beads on it, then placed it inside the domino, it was a little too long, so I had to use a pair of wire cutters to trim my head pin down to a length perfect to fit inside the domino.
7. Once I had that the correct length on the headpin, I started putting a tiny bit of glue on the end of the headpin and working it into the hole, trying to get a fair amount into it. Then I set the headpin (with the beads on it) into the hole and carefully set the domino "standing up" aside to dry. I let them dry overnight.
8. The next day, I used my pliers to carefully open up the head of the headpin and attach it to the fish hook earring, and close the head.
9. For the bracelet, I cut a piece of stretchy cording about 24 inches long. I then strung on one end of my toggle clasp and 2 small beads, then I ran one end of the stretchy cord through one hole of the domino and the other end through the other end of the domino. I repeated using a bead - domino - bead pattern. Once you get all your dominos/beads on, you can tie off the ends, adding other end of toggle clasp and completing your bracelet

Good luck and have fun!!

Debbie Weller

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