Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh My GAWD!!!!

I am just way super duper excited. I just picked up my mail and when I opened up the envelope, I just started sad is that? I mean really - you'd think I had bad news - but no it was tears of joy!!

Soooooo the big news...I made it on the cover of April 2009 Scrap & Stamp magazine with my all time favorite project! I was actually scared to send the project in, afraid I wouldn't get it back in the mail (and it still is not back...), but it really was worth it - especially now, to see it on the cover of the magazine!! I am just beaming!!! I mean it is one thing to get published *in* a magazine - but *ON* the cover - WOW just feels amazing...

This project is my favorite because it is so bright and bold and colorful, but best of all - it showcases tons of the fabulous patterned cardstocks and rubberstamp images from my all time favorite company - CLUBSCRAP!! Inside the magazine - there is a 3 page article and shows examples of some cards also using 'inchies' - woohoo!!

Ok enough of that! Thanks for stopping by...


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! How Awesome to get published, AGAIN!! Good Job! jj

  2. Thanks mom - I am pretty excited about it!

  3. Deborah S. in HawaiiMay 21, 2009 at 11:44 PM

    I missed this! I copied your example and made these for my neice and granddaughter for Christmas. They loved them!!! They are on the gallery at CS and I gave you all the credit there.

    Again, great job, so sorry I missed it.

    Deborah S. in Hawaii



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