Monday, February 2, 2009

Kids - Chore Chart

Chore Chart

My 5 year old son loves his reward chart. Well we usually just hand draw a chart on a piece of paper and he puts stickers all over it. I decided for his birthday I would make him a nice, cleaner, more 'official' looking chart for the fridge. So we will store the push pins in the lower right hand corner of the chart, when he completes a task "without being asked" he gets to move a push pin up into one of the boxes. When he gets a pin in each box, he gets to go to the dollar store and pick out one toy. He gets so excited and loves running to the dollar store to explore the toy aisle. I adhered magnets onto the backside, so that we could store it on the fridge.

Cardstock: Club Scrap
Rubberstamps: Club Scrap
Inks: Ranger Industries
Cork Board (9.25 in x 11 in): Dollar Store
Square Punch: CM
Decorative Word Tape: Club Scrap
Black acrylic Paint: Apple Barrel
Modge Podge
Permanent glue
Magnets (I use the small round ones)


1. Painted wood frame on corkboard black. Let dry.
2. Cut 4 strips, the lengths of each of the sides of your corkboard, of blue cardstock. Fold each strip in half lengthwise, to fit perfectly over the edges of your frame, miter end edges and ink edges with blue ink.
3. Apply one coat of modge podge on wood frame, add your mitered strip, hold in place for a minute while it adheres to the frame. Repeat with other three sides.
4. Apply another coat of modge podge to the four sides of the frame over the top of the cardstock. Let dry.
5. Run a thin strip of the black worded tape along each side of the frame.
6. Cut two strips of cardstock (one in light gray, one in dark gray) approximately 2 inches wide and the length of your board, 9.75 in my case.
7. Stamp 5 square images and using alphabet stamps, stamp sample chores. Repeat on other strip, stamping squares on opposite end of strip and wording in front of them this time.
8. Punch out centers of the 10 squares with square punch.
9. Cut a strip of dark gray 4.25 in wide by 9.75 in. Stamp child's name, add additional stamped elements as appropriate.
10. Cut a circle from the strip in the lower right hand corner. This is where the child can store his push pins until they do a chore and then will move it up to the upper squares. Stamp "chores chart" around the circle.
11. Ink all edges. Adhere all strips to cork board using glue dots.
12. Adhere magnets on the backside of the chart with permanent glue, for storage on your fridge.

Good luck and have fun!!

Debbie Weller

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