Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mini Album - Flag Book

This is a fun project, and a great gift item. You can buy this complete flag book kit in various different papers from Club Scrap. Makes it so easy to just put together and add your photos.

List of Supplies:

~Flag Book kit (from Club Scrap)
~Adhesive (I think the red line tape works best for the flaps)
~Modge Podge
~Various ink pads
~Various rubberstamps
~Fibers & Beads (optional)

1. The instructions to put the main book together come in the kit. You will need modge podge to create the front and back of the book. You will be covering mat board pieces with the patterned paper and the modge podge or book binding glue that Club Scrap works wonderful for this.
2. Before I add the little flag flaps to the book, I rubberstamp an assortment of images onto all of them. Rubberstamp both front and back sides of each flag.
3. I also take my ink pad and ink all of the edges of each page, front and back. You can use the ink pad itself using the ‘direct to paper’ method or use a sponge to apply a softer look of edging.
4. I also ink all of the edges of the book itself.
5. I then add my photos to the flag pages ensuring that I leave room to attach to the spine of the book.
6. Once I have all my pages done, then I attach them to the accordion spine.
7. Another fun thing you can do, is to add fibers and beads to the spine of the book.

Here is another flag book I did after making a few of the kits from Club Scrap….this one is a modified version, with sort of gate doors that open up and flags on two separate accordion spines. I added fibers and beads to each spine. I created this for my mother with photos of all the beautiful flowers in her garden.

Have fun!
Debbie Weller
A.K.A. DebDuzScrappin

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