Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas - Treat ideas - Popcorn Wrappers


Stickles Glitter glue* (optional)
Microwave popcorn (comes in standard size or mini single serve packs, mini packs can be found at Walmart, for about $2.50 for 12 bags)

*note: not all glitter glues are the same. I purchased 3 big bottles for $1 at the dollar store and they were awful, at least the red was, there was hardly any glitter compared to the amount of glue, it looked better after I applied a couple of layers (letting layers dry in between). I highly recommend the "Stickles" brand of glitter glue (it runs about $2 for a tiny bottle) - as there is a ton of very vibrant glitter with a sharp point for an applicator, great for detail work. I did try the Joann Essentials glitter glue as well, and it is not bad, the applicator is not as sharp, but the glitter wasn't too bad in it.

Saying ideas:
-Just "poppin" over to say Merry Christmas
-So glad you "popped" into my life
-Just "poppin" over to say Hi
-Just "poppin" over to see how you are doing!


1. Measure your popcorn bag in each direction. Take that measurement and add a few more inches to each side, so that your piece of cardstock will wrap around the popcorn and the flaps will over lap some, enough so that you can adhere or staple them together.
2. Score your cardstock so that the piece of cardstock will cleanly fold around the popcorn package.
3. Once you have the cardstock cut, you are ready to rubberstamp your images on to the front panel of the cardstock, color with markers, pencils or use glitter glue. The glue option will need to dry for a couple of hours.
4. Type your sentiment and print out. Cut out sentiment and mat. Adhere to the front panel.
5. Ink edges of wrapper.
6. Once complete and dry, wrap around your popcorn and adhere the flaps on the back side.

Good luck and have fun!!

Debbie Weller

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