Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas - Ornaments - Paper rolls

Glass Ornament with Paper rolls

Here is a very fun and easy ornament that looks great. This is an excellent ornament to make with your kids for teacher gifts as well. Each ornament takes approximately 1 sheet of scrapbook paper, or if you have complimenary patterned paper, you can cut up 1 of 4 different and come out with 4 ornaments.

Supply List:
Scrapbook paper
Clear glass ornament
Quilling tool (optional)
Embellishments (if desired)

*Glitter glue
*Holiday rub-ons
*Paper necklace


1. Cut your 12x12 sheet of paper into strips 1/2 inch wide, 12 inches long.
2. Remove the glass ornament top.
3. I used a quilling tool, just to make things a little faster and easier to roll up the paper, but you could freehand roll them up as well. Just start rolling up the strips into itty bitty rolls.
4. Drop the little rolls into the ornament, repeat until you have the ornament filled up with them.
5. Replace the ornament top.
6. You can decorate the outside of your ornament with glitter glue, Christmas word rub-ons, or make a paper necklace (use 2 inch squares cut on the diagonal and then folded, adhere together around neck of ornament.
7. Add ribbon or hook to hang.

Good luck and have fun!!
Debbie Weller

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