Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas - Ornaments - Alcohol Ink'd glass


-Clear glass ornaments
-Various colors of Alcohol inks
-Fine Glitter
-DUO liquid adhesive/glue
-Alcohol Ink Applicator (wooden stamp handle/felt)
-Hot Glue gun


1. Take your glass ornaments, remove the metal topper, and rinse them out with hot water and let them dry completely. I let mine dry overnight.
2. Once dry, squeeze about a tablespoon of liquid glue (make sure you use one that dries clear & stays tacky, like DUO does), roll your ornament around, so that the entire inside of the ornament is covered with the glue. You may have to add more or less depending on the size of your ornament. Flip ornament over so excess glue can drip out of the ornament. I find an old egg carton works well for this. Let the glue dry completely, it will dry clear. I let mine dry overnight.
3. Add a little bit of glitter at a time to the inside of the ornament. Shake it all around, so that the glitter sticks to all the surfaces inside the ornament.
4. To add the alcohol inks, I did a combination of two different methods of application. By just using the applicator tool, you will get a very light look of the alcohol inks. I wanted to have a more vibrant look, so I - VERY CAREFULLY - squeezed on a SINGLE drop of the alcohol ink onto the ornament, and very slowly turned the ornament from side to side to move the ink around, I also softly blew on the ink to spread it. Occasionally it would run too quickly and that is when I would use the tool and dab it to mix it. I did my ornaments assembly line style, so I would add one color in various spot on an ornament, then set aside to completely dry. I put my drying ornaments on the ends of pens/pencils in a cup for drying. Then when I had one color on all the ornaments, I started with the second color, applying directly and using the applicator tool as needed. You want to be sure and the let colors dry in between applying the next color, just to ensure they don't get a muddy look. I used between 2-4 colors of the inks on the ornaments shown in the photo above.
5. Once your ornament is dry, I reinstalled the metal topper to the ornament. Then I used wire and tied a ribbon for the top, and hot glued it into place on the metal topper.

Good luck and have fun!!
Debbie Weller


  1. Hi Deb....these ornaments are gorgeous. Just wondering what the purpose of the clear glue is inside? Is it to give the glitter something to attach to? If so why do you let it dry first before applying the glitter?

  2. The clear glue inside dries and it is 'tacky' so when you sprinkle the glitter into it the glitter sticks all around the ornament rather than just fall and sit in the bottom of the ornament. If you put the glitter in while still wet - the glitter would clump...I know sounds like more work than it should be could always skip the glitter - but it is nice when you can see it through the alcohol ink.



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