Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas - Advent Calendar - 12 days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Advent Tree

I thought this was the cutest idea. You can create even bigger sandwiches with two drawers on each side, creating a 24 drawer tree with an extra matchbox on the tip top for 25 if you wanted to do a full months worth of drawers. I think my kids are going to have a great time with this during the holidays as I will be putting little notes and/or sweets in each drawer for them to find. Most all materials used in this project are from Club Scrap.

Supply List:
-Patterned paper: Club Scrap
-Cardstock: Club Scrap
-Rubberstamps: Club Scrap
-Ink: Brilliance Gold
-Gold Accent Pen: Impress
-Mat board
-Modge Podge
-Crafter’s Pick Ultimate Glue
-Wooden drawer pulls or rubber ‘feet”
-Gold spray paint
-Glue dots
-Double sided red tape (Art Accentz)
-Small Matchbox Template
-Medium Matchbox Template
-Large Matchbox Template
-Quikutz Paige Numbers
-Sizzix Christmas light & Star die cuts


1. Create (4) small matchboxes, (4) medium matchboxes, and (4) large matchboxes using matchbox templates.

2. Fold drawer and slider cut outs into matchboxes. Adhere edges using glue dots. Ink edges of both sliders to distress.

3. Rubberstamp gold images of tree sprig onto the outer edge of matchbox that will be showing on the final piece. Repeat on all boxes and let dry.

4. Cover all 6 pieces of mat board with pattern paper. To do this, cut pattern paper larger than mat board by 1 inch on all four sides. Apply modge podge to mat board and place in center of pattern paper. Hold flat for a few seconds. Trim all four corners at an angle. Use modge podge and apply to the four flaps and fold over the mat board, holding in place until secure. Repeat on all pieces of mat board.

5. Take the 4 small matchboxes and place in a square, end of box to side of box all the way around. Making sure the rubberstamped images are on the outside and that each box drawer opens out one way. Use modge podge and apply to bottom side of the mat board pieces and make sort of a sandwich. Mat board – 4 boxes – Mat board sandwich. Hold the whole sandwich together while the glue sets up. You can carefully place under a heavier object to dry. Repeat with other two sets of four boxes and their associated mat board pieces.

6. While your sandwiches are drying, take your rubber or wooden “feet” and spray paint gold. Paint all sides and let dry thoroughly.

7. Once your three sandwiches are dry. Flip to the bottom side and use Crafter’s Pick glue to adhere the gold feet, one in each of the four corners of you box sandwiches. Let dry.

8. Use your Sizzix machine and cut out 12 gold Christmas lights and 4 large gold stars.

9. Use your Quikutz tool and cut out the numbers 1-12 using the green cardstock. Run numbers through the Xyron machine and place onto the Christmas lights.

10. To create the ‘handles’ for the drawers, use scrap pieces of ¼ inch wide strips about 1.5 inches long. Bend in half and use double sided sticky tape to stick to the back of the Christmas light and the inside of each drawer. Now you can use the light bulb to pull and the drawer will slide open.

11. To create the star topper. Take all four stars and score a line down the center of each one. Fold the stars in half. Adhere two stars together first, then the other two stars. Now take a piece of scratch gold paper and cut a piece about ¾ inch by 8 inches. Fold in half and glue together. Now glue the two sets of stars together placing the 4 inch piece of gold for a base. Small bits of while may be showing on the star where they don’t match up perfectly. Trim as necessary, then outline the entire star with a gold accent pen.

12. Carefully, using an exacto knife, cut a 5/8 ths inch slit in center of smallest box sandwich to slide the star into.

13. Now you can stack the three sandwiches, star on top and you have an adorable little Advent Christmas tree where you can place small sentiments, sweets, or surprises.

If you decide to try this project - email me and I will email you back the templates for the matchboxes.

Have fun and good luck!
Debbie Weller

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