Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cards - Triangle "Winged" Cards

I am always on the look out for ways to create fun looking and unique cards. This technique is very simple, and produces a fun card with a good variety of looks to it. My kids love making cards using this technique – then they get to embellish them and they are very fun.

Supplies needed:

¨ Cardstock
¨ Rubberstamps
¨ Ink
¨ Embellishments like flowers, brads, etc
¨ Adhesive
¨ Ruler
¨ Pencil
¨ Eraser

1. Cut cardstock into a square to begin creating these cards.

2. Using a ruler and going from opposite corners, locate the center of the cardstock, marking lightly with a pencil.

3. Fold in all four corners so they meet in the middle at the center mark. Erase the pencil mark.

4. Now locate the center of each side of the folder card, mark with pencil lightly and fold the tip of the triangular flap back to the edge at center mark. Erase pencil mark.

5. Ink all edges with an ink pad.

6. Stamp sentiment onto a piece of cardstock and adhere to center.

7. You can adhere flaps down or use brads along with various other embellishments as shown.

Good luck and have fun!
Debbie Weller
a.k.a. DebDuzScrappin

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