Monday, November 17, 2008

Card - Tag Pop-Out card

This creates a fairly large “faux tag” card with a pop-up. It is a great for displaying a couple of photos, as the card can stand on its own – in an open display. I used patterned cardstock and rubberstamped the back side to create my tag card. Most all materials used in this project are from Club Scrap (

Supplies needed:

(3) 7in x 7in squares of cardstock/paper (for inside pop-up)
(2) 5.25 in x 9 in cardstock (for main tag book)
(2) 3.25 in x 3.25 in cardstock (for hinges)
Various inks
Various rubberstamps
Various ribbons or fibers
Eyelets or button snaps (optional)

1. Get cardstock cut to appropriate sizes. Rubber stamp images in a collage format all over both sides of main tag book pieces, one side of hinges, and one side of pop-up pieces.
2. Ink edges of all pieces, using sponge or direct ink pad to cardstock technique.
3. Take main tag book pieces and round one end of corners. Take hinges, score lengthwise, and fold in half. Put the two tag book pieces together and adhere outside hinge. Open up card, adhere half of inside hinge first, then put adhesive on other side and carefully close card, and press in place. Now you can make the end of the card however you like, you can do two diagonal cuts or round the entire end, whatever suits your fancy. Punch hole using an eyelet if you prefer and adhere fibers or ribbons.
4. Creating the inside pop-up is a little more difficult, so I have a few diagrams for you to look at, just try and follow the steps best you can.
5. Attach one side of pop-up about 1 inch from end of tag card, making sure to adjust to clear your tag hole. Once attached, then put adhesive on other end of pop-up and close the card, pressing down to ensure the adhesive takes.
6. Now open it up and vola’ a pop-up card. Now you can add photos, greets, images, you name it to complete your project.

Different possibilities could include doing a snap button and fiber closure to hold the card together. Tying fibers together to hold book closed. Create a flap and Velcro closure. Using elastic to create a rubberband type closure that could be removed.

Good luck and have fun!
Debbie Weller
a.k.a. DebDuzScrappin

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