Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cards - Terrific Triangle cards

Terrific triangle cards. This card is a very unique way to send a fun greeting to someone special. It folds flat, but opens up to create a cool 3D triangular structure similar to a pyramid. Most all materials shown in this project are from Club Scrap.

Supply List
12 x 12 inch pattern paper
6 ¼ x 6 ¼ inch cardstock
Bone folder


1. Cut a 12in x 12in piece of pattern paper into (4) 6in x 6in pieces of paper.
2. Take one of the 6x6 pieces and fold in half diagonally. Unfold.

3. Now fold diagonally on opposite corners. Unfold.
4. Trim off one of the triangles, using care not to cut the entire triangle off, as we want to reserve part of that 4th triangle for a FLAP. See diagram for specifics.
5. Score with bone folder and create a mountain fold horizontally on triangle from the center to the right. See diagram.
6. Repeat on the other three pieces of 6x6 paper.
7. Rubberstamping images and ink edges of paper.
8. Fold each of the sections into a 3D triangle by adhering the FLAP to the back (non-pattern) side of triangle A. Triangle C folds up and sandwiches between triangles A & B.
9. Repeat on the other 3 sections.
10. To create covers of card, take the 4 ¼ x 4 ¼ inch cardstock and cut in half diagonally. Rubberstamp and ink edges.
11. Now take one of the triangle sections and adhere the front cover to triangle A, then adhere the 2nd triangle section’s side A to the 1st triangle section’s side B. Repeat until you get to the last triangle section then add the back cover to side B. Now the whole thing should swing open. The front and back covers should touch.
12. To hold the card either open or closed, add eyelets and ribbon at the 3inch mark on the front and back covers.
13. Embellish card with stickers, cut outs, diecuts, etc as desired.

Here is another version of the card...

Good luck and have fun!!

Debbie Weller

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