Thursday, October 1, 2009

Project Tutorial - Twinchies Part 1

Ok so - as we speak - I am off on my annual fabulous ClubScrap (my favorite company EVER) Scrapbooking Retreat. Every year with as a group "trade" something - some years it was cards, other years ATC, Flair, etc. This year it is TWINCHIES...many of you have read my blog and know about INCHIES - which are small 1x1 inch lil squares of art. So in mulling over ideas - my sister (Thank you for such a great idea) said that I should make mini version of the piece of art that was displayed on the cover of Scrap & Stamp as my swap and so I tackled that task and here is what I came up with.

9 colors of cardstock in shades of the rainbow
Black cardstock for the base
Glitter glue

1. Cut 9 little squares a little less than 3/4ths of an inch in each color of the rainbow.

2. Adhere the little squares to the center of the black cardstock and let dry. I used modge podge for this.

3. Embellish squares using paper flowers, brads, charms, clips, buttons, etc. I used a clear drying adhesive like Crafters Pick or Glossy accents for this. Let dry.

4. Do a final touch up with glitter glue - use STICKLES brand - it really does the best job. Let dry.

5. Once you are done you can flip it over and sign it. I also decided to make lil cases for each of my twinchies as shown in picture 2 - check out tomorrow and I will post instructions on how to make them as well.


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