Friday, October 16, 2009

Calendar - 3 Foot Accordion version

3 Foot Accordion Wall Calendar

Here is a very fun and fairly simple calendar to make. This project requires only 6 sheets of patterned cardstock. The final product also folds up flat to 6x12 which makes a great size if you are mailing it as a gift.

Supply List:
Patterned cardstock (Club Scrap)
Modge Podge
Acrylic paint
Calendar pages (you can download blank templates of calendars from Microsoft Office online)
Silk flowers (optional)

Tools needed:
Foam paint brush
Eyelet setting tools

1. Gather up 6 pieces of complimentary 12x12 patterned cardstock.

2. Determine grain of paper. You do this by hold the paper on one side, then the other direction, which ever side has the most *bend* to it, is the one you should fold on.

3. Fold 5 of the 6 sheets in half. The 6th sheet needs to be cut in half creating (2) 6x12 pieces.

4. Use bonefolder to reinforce folds.

5. On the backside of the pattern cardstock, apply a thin layer of modge podge to one side of it.

6. Add half of another page to that first sheet, creating a 3 panel section. Repeat process adhering back to back until you have a 6 panel section with an *unpatterned* panel on each end.

7. Once you have the 6 panel section together, be sure to flatten and hold flat while the modge podge takes hold.

8. Modge podge the blank unpatterned panels and attach the 2 pieces of 6x12 cut in step 3. Now you should have a accordion 6 panel project. All panels will have patterned paper on them.

9. Once the project dries, use acrylic paint and paint all the edges and folds.

10. Take your sheet of calendars – printed 4 months on one 8.5x11 sheet of cardstock – and cut out.

11. Ink edges of the calendar pages with brown ink.

12. Mat onto cardstock along with a photo, repeat for all months and set aside.

13. Using foam stamps and acrylic paint, stamp images and month names onto each section of the calendar.

14. Adhere the photo and calendar onto the each section of the calendar using modge podge.

15. Add eyelets and ribbon or fibers to allow for hanging on the wall.

Good luck and have fun!!
Debbie Weller

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