Sunday, October 25, 2009

OMAC - Once a Month cooking....ahhhhh

Ahhhh it's been a great day! I now have roughly 30 meals in the freezer set for the month! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I struggle daily with getting home from work and wondering what I should cook for dinner...and then getting it together before we have to run out do sporting activities and have it ready when we return.

I just got my freezer all cleaned out last weekend and had space available and decided to tackle this fabulous cooking adventure...So roughly $225 and 6 hours later I have 30+ meals made and ready to pull from freezer...that comes to about $7.50 per meal. A number of these meals are too big for it all to be eaten in a single setting, so the leftovers will feed hubby a number of lunches as well.

Some of the meals require a lil prep work like cooking the sides, others are complete meals for just tossing in the oven and being ready when we get home....ahhhh heaven!!!

So what did I make you ask?

Chicken Tetrazinni (2)
Ham slices (4)
Ham chunks (1) for adding to our favorite pasta sauce not pre-made
Chicken (precooked) (3) for adding to enchiladas or other dishes
Taco pie
Ham & Swiss pastry pie
Aztec quiche
Chicken Broccoli
Baked ham & eggs
Taco meat (2)
Chicken Packets
Sloppy joes (2)
Chinese Chicken morsels
Oriental Chicken chunks
Sausage & wild rice
Chicken & wild rice
Brisket & gravy for sandwiches
Marinated round steak
Poulet de France
Bird's Nest pie
Chicken fajitas (2)

Most of the recipes are from the Once-A-Month-Cooking cookbook by Mimi Wilson & MaryBeth Lagerborg- (looks like they have a new version of this book out now and my old copy is no longer in print)....I didn't follow the book to the T - I picked out the recipes I think my family will eat and then figured out the rough amounts of ingredients to create them all and hit the grocery store on Friday to buy the goods. Saturday I cooked up all the chicken and made chili and fajitas and put the Brisket in the crockpot and pulled out ground elk for thawing. Sunday I made the rest of the meals.

I have done this before - back when I was first pregnant and was trying to prep for the birth of my first kiddo to arrive...worked great back then, don't know why I didn't do it sooner!! I think I will research a few more recipes between now and my next adventure and do a repeat to keep me stress free (okay well maybe just less stress...)!!!

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  1. I have that book too (the newer version) and a lot of the recipes work on the fly too. I haven't actually tried doing the whole freeze first thing. I keep meaning to, though...



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