Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WOWZERS Doing a HAPPY dance!!!! Published

I am just way super duper excited AGAIN. I just picked up my mail and when I opened up the envelope, I just started crying sad is that? I mean really - you'd think I would get used to it, but it still amazes me every time!! and I swear this happens every time - course there has only been 3 times...but it is just so exciting to see *my* artwork on the front cover of a magazine...

Soooooo yes if you didn't figure it out by now, I made it on the cover of October 2009 Scrap & Stamp magazine with my 2nd all time favorite project! This project features ClubScrap's set of 3 Butterflies from the Outdoor kit, stamped on various shades of rainbow cardstock and all adhered to a frame.

I was very thrilled to not only receive the magazines today but the artwork as well. I always worry my artwork won't make it back (or at least back safely and undamaged), but it did this time as well!

If you want to see more detailed pictures and the tutorial, just check out this link:
Butterfly Wall Art Project Tutorial

Ok enough of this! Thanks for stopping by...

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