Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project - 3D Spring Explosion Box - Froggy version

Over the next few days I will be posting a couple of versions of this great 3D Explosion Box with springy embellishments...

So I made my original one of these for Teacher Appreciation day, then proceeded to make a few more for future gift giving.

Now I have done a number of explosion boxes over the years, as they make wonderful gifts for grandparents, teachers, friends, or really anyone. I wanted something *more* than just the average box or standard card. After a number of weeks of mulling over ideas in my head, I settled on a plan. What I finally decided to do was incorporate 3 different ideas into this one fun and creative gift.

These are the three concepts I chose to combine:

1. I modified the standard explosion box to be a single set of flaps that when laying open, looked like a large plus sign, but when folded up, made the four sides of the box base.

2. To the four walls I add these adorable pop-up 3D embellishments that bounce about on clear acetate.

3. Finally, I came up with a nifty design for a little gift card holder that would sit vertically in the center (running corner to corner) at the base of the box, to hold a Starbucks gift card.

When you first open these boxes, you place them on the table or hold flat in your hand, remove the lid and you will see this little piece of art pop to life. Each of the four flaps will fall to the table and the embellishments will bounce with life surrounding the very fun yet practical gift card holder in the center.

You can check out the MagicBox site for similiar boxes without the giftcard holder, they also have a tutorial for making her version of the boxes there too.


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  1. Thank you for the info! This is a beautiful design! Debbie



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