Friday, August 8, 2008

Home Decor - Altered Canvas

This was a fun little project I did for my husband for his birthday. I got my canvas's from Club Scrap in one of my monthly kits. I ordered up a few extras and this is one of the projects I made. It is basically two 6x6 inch canvas's hinged together with some wooden feet. Most all materials shown in this project are from Club Scrap.

Supply List
Pattern paper and/or vellum
Crafter's Pick glue
Chalk Inks
Patterned Black Masking Tape (Club Scrap)
Twill with metal rings (Club Scrap)
beads (Club Scrap)
head pins
Wooden feet ( hardware/craft store)
Hinge (hardware/craft store)
Needle nose pliers


1. Take your chalk inks and color the front and sides of the canvas. Let it dry.
2. Using the masking tape, tape various pieces of pattern paper and/vellum onto the canvas. Be sure and start way on the back of the canvas with the tape, so that it starts on the wood, this will help ensure that the tape will hold good on that canvas.
3. Using the masking tape, tape the twill around the very bottom edge of the canvas, again wrapping tape all the way around the backside of the canvas.
4. Adhere photos to the pattern paper/canvas as desired.
5. Using crafter's pick glue add bulking embellishments. Let dry.
6. Ink up the wooden feet to color match your project. Adhere to canvas using Crafter's Pick glue. Let dry.
7. Take a headpin and add about 5-6 beads depending on their size. Then wrap the pointy end of the headpin around in a loop ensuring it goes through the ring on the twill, clip any extra length off. Repeat until all rings have beads hanging from them.
8. Once you have both sides of your canvas created, take two small (roughly 1 inch) hinges and attach them to your frames. Now you have a great set of canvas's for display.

Here is another version of one I made at the Club Scrap retreat:

Good luck and have fun!!
Debbie Weller

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