Friday, April 7, 2017

How to Organize your rubberstamp images!!!

Hello Blog Followers!!
Do you have a billion Club Scrap Rubberstamps like I do?????

So here is the backstory....I was trying to figure out a way to keep a list of my acrylic paints on my phone, so when I go shopping I stop buying the identical paints I already own.  Don't ask why...I am sure you can guess!!  Bwahahaha - so as I was searching for an app for this - I ran into people who were using a program to organize their rubberstamps....hummmm I have a lot of stamps...I might need this...and so I read on...yes this looks utterly amazing!  As some of you may know I have been in love with Club Scrap for many many moons and have a ginormous stack of rubberstamps.  You know stacks like this:

When I want a stamp, I have books like this:

I flip page by page through the books looking for what I need.  I currently have two 4" binders.  They are heavy and bulky and take up a ton of my valuable counter space in my scraproom.  I need to start a 3rd - but now that I have found this new program - guess what????  I don't have to start a new book AND best of all - I can get rid of (well not really - does anyone crafter really throw anything out???) the other 2 books.

So here's the deal - There is a program you can have on your phone and on your computer - they sync up and keep the identical information in both places.  You put a copy of your rubberstamp images into the program and add 'tags' - as many as tags as possible - so when you are looking for something - you type that tag or search word into the search box, and vola...all of the kits with that sort of image will pop up!!

So now I can update the program each month with the new images on my computer, and then when I am down in my scrapbook room and scrapbooking - I can do a search on my phone down in my scraproom - it is so freakin' awesome and way faster than my flipping through the books gig...I am so thrilled!!

So the program/APP name is "Evernote".  You can use it free.  There is limitations, but nothing too crazy.  You can upload photos and such up to 60mb each month.  It took me 3 months to upload all of my images.  I have photos and such back 10 years.  I am not quite done and I need to physically go through my stamps and make sure I am not missing any - but I basically have 10 years of images and have used a total of 110mb.  So I still have 10mb to use this month if needed.

In this section - you will see a small image of some of the stamps:

In this section - you can see the list of tags associated with the stamps:

In this section - you can see I have 2 notebooks - one for the rubberstamps, and one for my acrylic paint inventory:

Anyways I just had to share my awesome new find - Such a great way to organize all my awesome rubberstamp images!!!

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin


  1. I badly need to do something about this. My problem would be getting images. I have tons of stamps and most do not have images to go with them.

    1. You can go to bing or google and search stamps names for images and copy paste them into Evernote. You can also stamp and scan and image and copy/paste it into Evernote.

  2. Oh my gosh...this scare me! I too have binders full of stamps.

  3. Hi Deb - I love Evernote and have been using it for several years. If you search for a word, Evernote "reads" words on your images even if you didn't tag those words. I love it!

  4. Debra Charlesworth has been using Evernote for years, says it even has word recognition so it will find sentiments on the scanned docs even if you don't tag the words. She did a multi-part series on her blog some time ago about how she uses it for her CS (and other) supplies: It seemed to me to be a big job, but I think my collection is getting out of hand too.



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