Friday, April 28, 2017

April Artist Team Challenge

April Artist Team Challenge

So I think Spring has finally shown up for real here...the chives are growing like crazy in the garden like crazy.  That is my hubby's favorite thing.  He likes to walk out there and pick a few and eat whenever the feeling strikes him.  The strawberries are already looking good too - not the berries - but the plants.  So least it isn't ALL brown here....bits of green peeking through!

So this months Challenge was to use this rubberstamp set from Club Scrap 2016 Retreat:

So this month I decided to do a watercolor painting.  My sister and I have been dabbling in some watercoloring techniques & doing some doll like portrait art. Recently, she had sent me a 'sisterly love' example she wanted to do of two girls with flowers in their hair and I was thinking hummmm, maybe I could do one girl with flowers in her hair - since I have only really done a single girl so far - I am pretty new to drawing & painting the girls - really only done like 3 girls so far total.

9x12 Watercolor paper
Permanent Ink
Watercolor crayons/pencils
Waterbrush (or regular paint brush/water)
Acrylic paint pens
White Acrylic paint


So I started by drawing an oval with a pencil on the right hand side of the watercolor paper and then dividing the oval in half both left to right and top to bottom (to get the eyes).  I divided the lower section in half again to get the nose, and then divided that lowest section in half again, for the mouth.

As I make more specific definition of the facial features - I erase the reference lines.  I added the hair.  I used a permanent india ink for stamping the flowers in her hair, so that when I paint them with watercolors the colors won't run.

I mostly use water color crayons - the colors are very vibrant and I really like them - I lightly color in the different sections and then use my water brush (or you can use a regular paint brush and water) to active the paint and spread it around.  On her face to add high lights - I used watered down white acrylic paint - it is all about layers - lots and lots of layers - add and take away - and add and take away - over and over  - if it doesn't look quite right - add and take away - repeat...
 Here I rubberstamped the 'leaves' and watercolored with two shades of browns.  I stamped a 'script' in various locations in the background.

Here is a close up the of the "Leaves" stamped along the edge:

Here is a closed up of the "Flowers" stamped in her hair:

Here is a close up of the "Flowers" stamped along her blouse neckline:

Now - I thought I would show you my first try at this watercolor drawing/painting - it this version - I used some different rubberstamps, I wasn't real thrilled with her lips, kinda seemed a lil big for her face - but I am just learning here...anyways - thought I would share:

Thanks for stopping by!!  Check back soon for more fun stuff!

Now go check out LILIAN's project next!!!

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin


  1. OMG, Deb, how creative is this! I love the painting and the flowers look like they belong.

  2. What talent! It takes a good eye and great thoughts! I love this!

  3. Awwww, sisterly love is the best! Beautiful pieces of art Deb and I adore the lips! The little stamped details make your pieces intriguing. Now you need to frame them!

  4. Debbie, wowza, these are so amazing!!

  5. So awesome! Love how you incorporated the stamps into your painting! Beautiful

  6. Absolutely stunning! You are very talented!

  7. Wow! That's so cool!!! Beautiful!
    The Leaf Studio

  8. WOW!!!I am speechless!This is beyond stunning!

  9. Wowsers!!!! She is gorgeous!!

  10. Wowza! How freaking incredible is this! I'm at a loss for words and that doesn't happen to me very often! Just fantastic!

  11. Wow, deb! I think faces can be whatever you want them to be. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer does all sorts of faces and not every element is necessarily a "realistic" size but they are very interesting. Great job!!



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