Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My first response!!

 Well I went on a little vacation out of town and made up a bunch of these earrings in little boxes to leave around the town I was visiting.  I think I left a total of 8 different ones, in various public areas, restaurants, and motels.  I was soooo excited to receive a response for one of the gifts left.  It basically said where she found and that she had been on a vacation to the same city, but was hot, tired, and frustrated with the folks she was traveling with, she said that finding the earrings was a very nice surprise and that it really brightened her day.  That right there - made MY day!  Just knowing that I am spreading a bit of joyfulness to folks, makes my day!  That being said, I have to travel out of again in a week or so for work and have been busily making more goodies to leave in various places there too!  This is soooo much fun for me!
The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin

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