Friday, February 11, 2011

Project - "IPOD" Valentine's day gift exchange

Ok so this is what we settled on for the boys to give to their classmates this Valentine's day. We got 'sweet hearts' and wrapped them in various shades of colors (I used all sorts of pieces of card stock from my Pounds of Paper packs from ClubScrap for this).

Supplies needed:
Candy (rolos, mini reeses, hershey kisses)
aluminum foil
printed front pieces

Clear plastic bags


1. Start by cutting approx 12 in pieces of sting for the ear buds and adhere to the box at one end.

2. Then wrap your box with the cardstock.

3. I printed out the template for the front of the ipod from here. Trim out the pieces and adhere to the front of the cardstock.

4. Cut a circular piece of aluminum foil about 3 inches wide, place the piece of candy (can be mini reese peanut butter cup, candy kiss, or rolo) and the end of the ear bud string in the center and wrap. This will hold the candy onto the string creating the illusion of an earbud. Repeat for other one.

I picked up some packs of clear plastic valentine's bags from the $1 spot at Target (20 bags per pack). I put the ipod and earbuds in the bag, rolled over the top edge and stapled a folded piece of cardstock at the top. I then printed out a "Because you rock..." sentiment and added to label. Also found a nice heart shape made out of little IPOD photos for putting on the label. I figured if I left them all in one big bag - they were going to be a tangled mess by the time the kiddos handed them out, so putting them into individual bags is a nicer option for us.

Now we have one kiddo in one of the kids' class that is allergic to peanuts - so instead of sweet hearts - we did a huge box of skittles (movie theatre size), wrapped it just like the rest (just lots larger), and instead of reeses for the ear buds - we used heart shaped erasers.

Ok well there you have it. Thanks for stopping by.

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin

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