Monday, September 21, 2009

Card - "Birds of a Feather" Version 2

Supply List:

Blue card back from "Birds of a Feather" ClubScrap Greetings to go Kit.
Pink patterned cardstock (ClubScrap)
"Day to Remember" rubberstamp
Green ink pad
Small fiber
Enjoy tag
Jump rings
hole punch
Modge Podge

Cut a piece of patterned pink cardstock to line the blue card back. Fold in half. Cut a square out of the pink at the center. Ink edges of pink and blue pieces with green ink. Score a line about an inch from the edge of the cut out square on each side. Fold so that this section pops out from the inside center of the card. Adhere the two outer flaps of the pink to the blue using modge podge. Add scraps of yellow to each edge. Ink the edges of the "enjoy" tag , ink edges, punch hole. Punch hole at top of cut out opening - tie tag to the opening. Rubberstamp "a day to remember" in upper right hand corner.

TFL DebDuzScrappin'

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