Saturday, May 16, 2009

I think I am ready....Mickey Birthday

Welp I been running like a monkey to get the house fairly clean, decorated, and ready for my youngest boys' birthday party today!!

He chose Mickey mouse since there will be a 'girl' at his party and didn't want to have a fully boy themed party - what a sweetie huh? Sounds like it will be a fairly quiet of the boys' can't make it, another didn't RSVP (so who knows if he will show or not), so that leaves us with only 2 guests at this point. But it is a all day/night party - the girl won't spend the night but the one boy might assuming he is up for it...

I put together a small scavenger hunt, a couple other fairly lame games - not too creative in that arena...the table is decorated. The cake turned out pretty cute. The cake is carrot - my family is big on carrot cake - at least if you are going to eat cake - you get a few veggies in there, right???

I ran errands all morning to get ready for next weekend and hit a few yard sales, picked up a couple of books and miscellaneous stuff I probably don't really *need*...

Here is the cake pics!

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