Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas - Ornamants - Paper "Star"

Supply List:

Scrapbook paper or cardstock
Scoring blade or bone folder/ruler
Red Line tape


1. If you are using single sided pattern paper, cut a piece that is 12in x 6in, fold in half and adhere them together, creating a 6in square. If you are using double sided pattern paper or card stock, cut into 6in x 6in squares.
2. If you intend on rubber stamping, do that now.
3. Using a scoring blade, score 5 lines each at 1 inch intervals.
4. Accordion fold the paper together at the score lines.
5. Staple in the center of the accordion fold at 3 inch mark.
6. Looking at your accordion fold, you are going to determine which side to trim. You want to trim starting at the 2 inch mark on the side that has the two loose flaps rather than all folds. Cut down from the 2 inch mark to the tip of the outer edge, this will create the point on the star.
7. Open up each of the 'arms' of the star and adhere the upper and bottom ones with some strong adhesive, like red line tape. You will use approximate 1/2-3/4 inch of red line tape at the very center of the star
8. Add ribbon at top, add embellishment on front, if desired.

Good luck and have fun!!
Debbie Weller

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