Saturday, December 28, 2019

Boy Bookmarks

So I my son requested a bookmark for a new book he is reading and I told him I would make him a few options to choose from...he had bought me some new embossing folders last year for Christmas, so I covered the cardstock with metal tape and ran them through the 2 folders for 2 of them.  I really thought he would like these, as he is big into computers and robotics, etc.  I then painted them with black acrylic paint, once dry - I lightly sanded them.  For the 3rd option, he is a big math buff and in 3 math classes this semester, so I stamped it with various math stamps and school related stamps - turns out this was his favorite one, he immediately started to try and figure out the math problem on it - too funny!!

 TFL DebDuzScrappin

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