Friday, June 2, 2017

Money Lei

Money Lei

So check out this great fun way to give some money to someone.  My son's girlfriend is graduating from high school this weekend and so I made this Money Lei for her.  For this particular lei, I used (10) $1.00 bills, (10) $2.00 bills, and (2) $10.00 bills - for a total $50.00.  The butterfly uses 2 bills - I used the (2) $10 bills.  The school colors are green and blue, so I used Club Scrap's Refresh kit

You could do any variation from as low as all $1 bills for $22, clear up to whatever amount you like.

Supply List:
Card stock
Crisp money
Bone folder


Accordion fold money.  I held them flat with paper clips.

There will be 8 "mountains" as shown:

Cut cardstock 6x3-1/8.

Score every 3/8th of an inch

Accordion fold cardstock.  Stack a bill on top of cardstock.

Fold up and tied with a ribbon in the center.
Spread flaps out creating a medallion - I used my teeny tiny Tim Holtz stapler to staple the very corners of the cardstock to hold the shape.

To create the necklace.  I took 3 lengths of ribbon and braided them together.  I stapled each end together then hot glued the two ends together.  I started by tying the first 2 green circles on side by side.  Next I threaded the ribbons from a blue one onto a needle and thread it down through the crack of the green one, remove the ribbons from the needle and tie onto the braided ribbon.  Repeat the same process for all of the medallions.

 Used two bills to create a butterfly.

Add the butterfly over top of the original 2 green medallions I tied onto the braided ribbon.

Here's a view of the back side:

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin


  1. Super fun and clever, Debbie! TFS!

  2. What a terrific gift and you make it look so easy to make.

  3. A ton of work went into this!! I just know he loved it!! :)

  4. Wow - what a fun way to give money as a gift! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  5. Ditto all above! That butterfly is a beauty!



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