Friday, November 18, 2016

ClubScrap Artist Team Challenge (November)


The November Challenge is to use at least one stamp image or sentiment from either Girlfriends or Enchanted Forest (or both) AND at least one Sparkle Sticker on your layouts, cards or other projects.

Well this month's project is all about solving a problem I have/had. So you all may not know, but I am lil addicted to painting rocks in between my scrapping endeavors. Even if I don't have enough time to run down to my scraproom and craft something, I can always grab a rock and paint pen and draw up something fun in a very short time. So I ordered all of these fabulous paint pens, ok I ordered A LOT of paint pens (I know, I know, nothing YOU would ever do...teeheehee) and various other pens for doodling on my rocks. Enter the problem - trying to find the exact pen I wanted and having pens strewn everywhere...I needed a solution. I have been mulling over how to solve my problem and looked all over the internet for a solution I could just buy -but couldn't find exactly what I my solution? Make something. I decided if I made something I could have a marker storage AND an extra storage spot for my little paint pots and miscellaneous stuff. So here we go...

Well since I didn't pre-plan this project, I didn't have any mat board around, so I resorted to recycling a couple of ziploc cardboard boxes to create my new marker holder.

BASE: I trimmed down one piece of cardstock to 9 3/4 x 10 1/2. I marked lines at 1 1/2, 5 1/4, 8 1/4. score on the two outer lines as shown in photo:

Cut a piece of cardstock 6x10 1/2.  Score a 1 inch line along the long edge.  Fold on score line and adhere at the center mark of the base piece as shown:

(Just as a side note, I did end up flipping my box over and leaving the blue 'ziploc' side to the inside of the box.)  Cut (2) pieces of card board 5 x 10 1/2. Adhere to the base flaps as shown:

Cut (2) pieces of card board 8 3/4 x 6 - score 1 in lines on the two short sides and one long side.

Adhere the short sides to the long sides as shown:
We need stability pieces to hold the center divider in place - I cut 2 pieces, one for each end.  These are 2x4, scored and folded in half.

Adhere the stabilizing pieces to the center divider as shown:

I just used a heavy cardstock for this. Cut 13 pieces 5x3 3/4, cut 4 pieces 5x10 1/2.  Score every 3/4 inch half way down (2.5 inch) each piece as shown:

 Put together as shown:

Now you can just slip it into the larger of the two compartments of the box:

Adhere a wide ribbon to both sides of the box as shown:
I did end up adding one more little compartment at the end of my smaller compartment to hold paint brushes and gel pens.

Now just simply cover the outside of the box with pattern paper and decorate as you see fit.  In my project I used Enchanted Forest kit - here's some final pictures of the marker box carrier:

Thanks for stopping by!!  Check back soon for more fun stuff!

Now go check out LILIAN's project next!!!

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin
 photo Artistteambadge_rsz_zpsee8cbeff.jpg


  1. Great idea Deb. Perfect storage and super pretty!

  2. What a great upcycle...pretty and functional!

  3. Debbie, what a fantastic up cycled project!! Love it!!

  4. Awesome little carrier!! Perfect up-cycled project!

  5. What a fun idea! Love how it turned out!

  6. Beautiful storage box, Deb.
    What a work!!

  7. So creative Debbie! The glasses on top are MY most important tool these days!

  8. Oh My! You never cease to amaze me with your ideas!



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