Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ClubScrap Dahlia Blog Hop

Dahlia Blog Hop!!

Today I am working with Club Scrap's Dahlia kit.  This kit is so pretty!!  My mother actually owns and runs a Dahlia farm, so this kit really hits home and I made a Mother's Day card for her using the kit.  This card is called a neverending card and it is really cool.

I am totally loving this card technique!!  Check out the video at the end of the blog as well on how to make it!!

bone folder

1. Cut 2 pieces of cardstock 6x6
 2.  Score at 1.5 in and 4.5 in on both pieces
 3.  Cut pieces in half across the score lines
4. Put glue in the four corners
 5.  Glue yellow on top of orange, lay the cut lines opposite of one another like shown:

 6.  Prep all the cut outs from the kit - to use for embellishing the card:
 Here is the front of the card, first set of panels
 Here is the next set of panel when you filp the card the first time:
 Here is the 3rd set of panels:
 Here is the 4th set of panels:
I made a couple of other versions as well:
Celebrate kit version

Crewel & Unusual version


Thanks for stopping for more great stuff -
go check out Josette's blog hop project!!!

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin
 photo Artistteambadge_rsz_zpsee8cbeff.jpg


  1. Super wonderful never endening cards, Deb.I love how you showed it in all different kits!
    This is such a fun technique.

  2. So cool Deb. Your mum is going to love that and like Hetty I love that you showed it with different kits as well.

  3. Your mom will love this card. So cool that she owns a dahlia farm! Thanks for the instructions and video.

  4. What a cool card design Debbie! And I love that your mom runs a Dahlia Farm!! How awesome!

  5. That is a really cool card design Deb! I love how you made it in different designs too!

  6. Wow - these are easier to make than I thought. The embellishing seems like the really hard part. So many pretty versions!!!! TFS!!

  7. What fun ~ I love never ending cards...they are so much fun to flip and flip and flip! How cool is that about your mom owning a Dahlia farm!! That would be so much fun to visit.

  8. This is a fun card, I started one but didn't finish yet, ended up going out of town. I like you showed different variations.

  9. Splendid card,Deb!~! I haven't made one of these since....Concrete Jungle -- June of 2009!
    I made a birthday card for one of our favorite restaurant servers and she could not get over it. It is rather impressive! Your mom's gonna love this one!!

  10. Great way to showcase all the kits and great job doing so!

  11. Love the never-ending card idea! Thanks for sharing Deb. Have a great day!

  12. Wow! Great card! Thanks for sharing all the details!

  13. What a cool way to present a card. I'm sure your mom will love it. Thanks for sharing the other versions, too!

  14. that is such a great project! Loved it in all versions.

  15. So awesome! I love fancy fold cards!! I'm definitely gonna try it!

  16. Love it. Its definitely an original fancy fold card and I will give this a try!

  17. Wow, how awesome is your Mom growing all those Dahlia's! Great talent and good taste run in your family obviously. I do dig my dahlia's up each fall here in Wi. and replant each spring, just love um! Anyway, your cool Dahlia never ending card is the bomb, of course, so cool!!! As always!

  18. Oh wow! I've never see these "never ending cards". Thanks for the tutorial. This will come in handy!



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