Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blog Hop - Club Scrap's Crewel & Unusual kit

Crewel & Unusual Blog Hop!!

Today I am working with Club Scrap's Crewel & Unusual kit.  I decided to make some fridge magnets out of dominos.  I found a ginormous bag of dominoes at the 2nd hand store.  These could be a great item to leave around when I travel as "Abandoned Art".  I love to leave Art goodies when I travel to different towns, I include my email and occasionally get a response which is always fun to find out who found my goodies!!

Sharpies (in lots of colors)
Stazon Ink (black)
White paint pen (optional)
Clear protective spray or Glossy accents (optional)
 1.  Get some dominoes.  These ones are white with a flat perfect artist surface on the back of them.
 2.  Use various shades of sharpies and color the domino.  I started by doing each end and then the center color, then I would overlap the colors and blend them together:
 Here is the assortment of different color patterns I did:
 3.  I then used a 'script' image (ClubScrap Homestead kit) and stamped onto the colored backgrounds:
 4.  Rubberstamp main images (ClubScrap Crewel & Unusual kit) as shown:

 5.  Optional step: Add highlights using white paint pen:
 6. If you want, you can protect your art by spraying with clear acrylic protective overcoat or use glossy accents, let dry.

7.  Adhere magnets to back of domino art:

Thanks for stopping for more great stuff - go check out Josette's blog hop project!!!

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin
 photo Artistteambadge_rsz_zpsee8cbeff.jpg


  1. WOW Debbie, love this idea so much!! What a fun idea to change the dominoes into magnet art!! And using Sharpies no less? Awesome idea!

  2. A simple trip to the local second-hand store, and badda-bing! Awesome project idea! I love the magnets, Deb! And thanks for the tips!

  3. OMG this is a great idea, I have to find some domino's!

  4. Love your dominoes! I haven't made domino magnets in forever - yours make me want to dig out my supplies and create! Thanks for the fun inspiration.

  5. They are really cute! Your abandoned art is always a hit!

  6. Dominoes, sharpies, magnets Oh my! The art abandonment movement is made for those.

  7. Debbie,what a fun idea and with shapies! I am glad I have those.I sure will give it a try.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. How cute is that??? Love the idea of abandon art!

  9. I just happen to have a bunch of dominoes, just waiting to do something with. (have had them for probably 15 yrs) Love these ideas. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent.

  10. Your magnets are of ART!!! How fun that you share them as "abandoned art" when you travel! Do you leave your email address so someone who finds it can contact you? Just wondering...THanks for sharing!

  11. How original!!! Love this idea. Your magnets are super cute! I would love to find dominos.

  12. OMG what a great idea! So love the idea of "abandoned art!" So awesome!

  13. I love the idea of "abandoned art!" The domino pieces are perfect for travel. The added script and white highlight are beautiful additions.

  14. Oh mannnn, your dominos are so fun, eye candy!
    Now I'm going to have to dig some of these up, thanks to you.



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