Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Blog Hop - I love Canvas!!

Club Scrap "Valentine's Day" Blog Hop

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Welcome to my blog today!!  So glad to have you here.  I have been very busy, my son is in driver's ed and wants to drive ALL THE TIME...This has been keeping me outta the house more than usual.  I am glad he is so excited though and it is hard to say no to that kid!

Well if you follow my blog at all, you know I really enjoy making canvases.  I have a new office and there is some big holes in the wall from the previous occupant, and I need to make some art to cover those spots - so here is one of them!!
Tissue Paper
Modge Podge
Pop dots

1.  Paint canvas with gesso - cover entire surface - let dry.
2.  Cut a piece of tissue paper larger than the size of the canvas you are using, this will wrap around to the back of the canvas.  Stamp various images all over the tissue with black india ink.

3.  Cover surface and sides of canvas with modge podge.
4.  Quickly lay tissue over canvas where you would like it to lay.  Tissue is very fragile and will rip easily, especially if covered in modge podge, but if you happen to tear, you can just stamp an extra image on another piece of tissue and patch the spot.  Wrap around the back of canvas and set aside to dry.
5.  Once dry - spritz with Dylusions spray ink.  Use paper towel to spread ink if desired.  Let dry.
6.  Now cut 4 rectangular panels from 2 shades of pink and a bunch of hearts in different shapes and sizes.

7.  Stamp on hearts if desired.  Ink edges.  Adhere hearts onto panels with popdots.   Embellish with pearls, charms, ribbon, etc.  Adhere the 4 panels to the canvas.  Do final embellishment with hearts.

Now would you like to see some more great creative Valentine's ideas???  Just check out the next participant in the Blog Hop, please visit Cat's Blog for more!  You can also visit ClubScrap's Blog for the full list of participants.

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin
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  1. Love your canvas! The images, colors, extra bits - they all work together beautifully!

  2. Very vibrant and pretty. Love the canvas. Happy Valentine's day.

  3. Wow--what a fantastic canvas! When I first saw it, I wondered how you were able to stamp those bold images onto the surface. Brilliant with the tissue paper! Thanks for hopping with us, and just wait 'til he gets his license. You'll be home all the time.

  4. WOW, Deb this is an amazing canvas. I love how you used these images to decorate the tissue and then apply to the project. And the colors you chose are so pretty! Great work!

  5. OK, stamping on tissue paper and then adhering...GENIUS! And I am all about Dylusions! LOVE this! Oh, and the new driver, it's stressful at first, but now you have someone to run your errands!

  6. Wow,this is absolutely soooooooo beautiful. Your wall is going to be an art gallery! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day xx

  7. Stunning and I love the color combinations and images and embellishments, how nice to have this on your wall!

  8. So beautiful! It will definitely spruce up any wall!

  9. Very cool. Love this project! Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Nicely done Debbie! I love the combination of the aqua and the pink - such happy colors! Thanks for showing us how it's done!

  11. Absolutely fantastic project. Appreciate the well-written directions with pix so that I can do a similar project. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  12. This is so bright and cheerful, I love it! And I'm about to teach my daughter to drive... in the city. Yikes!

  13. Lovely canvas Deb! It will look gorgeous on your wall.

  14. I love your mixed media canvas! Thanks so much for the demo on it! Have a great day.

  15. Great canvas! Love the color combinations!

  16. Debbie, this is fantabulous! And blue is my all time favorite color, so I love how you blended the blue and pink together for the perfect mixed media artwork. So many things going on and it all works amazing together; thanks!

  17. What a great color combination, and I love the tip about stamping on tissue . . . I always wondered how folks stamped on canvas! Lovely art for your office wall.

  18. I just love the stamped tissue paper usage! Such a great canvas with so many nice details Deb!

  19. Better late than never--just getting a chance to hop. Absolutely "love" the use of blue on your project, Deb. It's gorgeous!!

  20. I'm even a later hopper than Lisa! This turned out fabulous and again, I love your use of mixed old and new Club Scrap stamps.



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