Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Club Scrap Blog Hop - May - Cape Cod Kit

Welcome to ClubScrap's Monthly kit Blog Hop!!!

So this month we were taking a trip to the San Juan Islands and I needed a Travel Journal to take with me, to document our travels.  I also wanted to incorporate some watercolor paper tags to paint on using the Travel Art Kit I made a few weeks ago for iNational Scrapbooking Day.

When I opened up my Club Scrap monthly kit and saw it was the PERFECT kit for a trip to the islands, and so here is what I came up with...

Composition notebook
Ink pads
Watercolor paper
Modge Podge

1.  Get a composition notebook.  Trim off the about an inch of each of the lined notebook paper pages inside the notebook.  This will make space for labeling the divider pages.

2.  Cover composition notebook with cardstock using modge podge or book binding glue.  I used the cardstock with the light house.  I only covered up to the black spine cover with this cardstock.

3.  I then created a cover for the spine of the notebook, using green cardstock.  I tore cardstock on both long edges and then I used the stencil with a sponge to sponge on green ink.  Add this piece to the journal spine using modge podge. 

4.  I then covered the inside of the front and back covers with cardstock - stamped images - added ribbon.

5.  Measure and cut divider pages.  I cut each of these pages about a 1/4th of an inch wider than the one before it, so that when you open the notebook, you can visually see all of the page dividers.  On each divider, I stamped some images along with the day (i.e. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, etc)  Divide your notebook into even sections and then adhere the dividers into the book.

6.  On the opposite side of each divider, add a 2 in strip of cardstock, strategically adhering to create two pockets for 2 tags.  Cut two tags to fit in pockets (I rubberstamped images on some of the tags, left some of them blank):

7. Here is a couple of the tags that we took turns painting along the way, I pretty much suck at it, but still had fun doing something other than staring at miles of concrete:

 I really liked this version of a travel journal.  I was able to use different colored sharpies through out the book and write bigger, make lots of lists, and notes about meals we ate, prices we paid, drew some maps of the different areas, geocaches found (for logging later), etc.  I really enjoyed the extra space allotted to me.  It was a nice size to take and work with as well while traveling!

 Thanks for visiting my blog during the ClubScrap Blog Hop!

Wanna see some more great creative ideas using this month's Cape Cod kit from ClubScrap???  Just check out the next participant in the Blog Hop, please visit Jill P. over at for more! 

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin


  1. Deb, what a lovely booklet this has become of your trip. The outside is beautiful, but I love the inside even more with all the drawings. Such a great project.

  2. OMG! That is the cutest travel journal ever!

  3. Deb, this is fabulous. Love how you brought tags to paint with your travel art set, and your divided journal is amazing! I will definitely be trying to make one of these for myself. Wonderful job :)

  4. Altered composition notebooks are one of my fave projects...and a definite "go to" idea for a small gift (when I don't know what else to do!) Your Cape Cod version has lots of fun details...thanks for sharing!

  5. Leave it to you to come up with yet another great (and practical), artistic idea. I LOVE it!! I love the divider tabs!

  6. WOW! Too cool. I always journal when I travel. Now I know how to make my own. Thanks Deb for the great ideas!

  7. Love this idea and it's such a nice thing to have BEFORE you go on a trip. Because it usually takes me months after a trip to get organized enough to document it. Love the result Deb!

  8. Wonderful book, thanks fro sharing all the details!

  9. Love the altered Composition Notebook idea, so great to see this all done up with those great dividers, and even art inside - so fun!

  10. Great travel journal! I've never thought about the dividers. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  11. Nice job Deb. I love how you used a simple compostion book and make it so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your crafty ideas.

  12. Wonderful journal! I love the ideas that you come up with.

  13. Delightful journal. I've done one but very simple. I love the idea of the colored pencils! Ingenious! Going to bookmark this to make for my next trip! thanks for sharing your talent!

  14. it's so cute, love the drawings too!

  15. This is fabulous for a trip. I love the tabs with the days on them - since you know when you'll be gone, it's the perfect way to stay organized. I need to think about what to take with me this summer on my two trips now... hmmm...

  16. Great idea, Deb. The tabs are a great idea. Hope your trip was fun!



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