Saturday, January 22, 2011

My "new" scrapbook room

Welp I finally got my room reorganized. Mind you it is still a bit messy as I don't have it completely set up but I needed to get some scrappin' done, so I am working on the detailed organization as time permits (or necessity requires).

This first photo is my main work area, from here I can spin around and have an additional work area right behind me. This area behind me is also where I store my book of rubberstamped images and rubberstamps.

I basically have a long slender room - so once I put in the storage units along the one wall, it left me enough space to put another work table right down the center of the room (which is the work space that I spin around and work at).

This room formatting allows for me to access my closet, which was part of my problem with the old set up - and I have bit 12x12 wire storage units in the closet, but I could never really ever access that storage space, but now I can. YEH!!

I also bought (3) 3x3 storage units that have fabric drawers - this is where I store all of my stuff like paints, adhesives, diecuts, ribbons, flowers, etc. These drawers are approx. 11X11X11in square. On top of these units I am storing all of my ClubScrap kit pizza boxes.

I also got some 12x12x12 plastic units that stack and I can use drawers as well (I only have 2 right now). I am storing my 12x12 loose papers in this section.

You can also see that I have a 'shoe storage' unit that I picked up at a yardsale that I store (my TV on top of) and a bunch of my POP's (pounds of papers for you non-clubscrappers) as well as an over the door storage unit for them. As you can see I have pretty much filled them up and need to work on additional storage ideas for them.

TFL DebDuzScrappin

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