Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too busy lately...

So sorry I have not been has been keeping me too busy. First I *almost* lost my portable hard drive and it took me close to a week to recover all my files - I am so thankful I was able to recover them. I immediately went and got another portable harddrive to backup my backup, I hope to be more dedicated in backing up them files - I was so scared there for a few days.

Then Spring break hit and things got crazy with the kiddos under foot a bit more than usual...and bored, so we did more stuff to keep busy. Then I got sick, then last week I had to travel outta town for work...I have been scrappin' during various parts of this, but my energy level and time for uploading was just not there. So I hope to be better for a bit here. I do have another trip coming up and an overnight field trip with one of my kiddos, but hopefully I can post a little more often, or at least that is my current goal.

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