Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cards - Hexagon 'folds flat for mailing' card

Isn't this just the coolest card ever? It has lil rubberbands inside it that allow you to lay the card flat for mailing, but then when you pull it out - it pops up into a hexagon shaped ball of a card....very fun...also works great digitally too.

If you would like the template for this project, please post a comment and I will email it to you.

Once you get the template, cut two of them from very heavy cardstock. Rubberstamp images onto the cut-out cardstock. You fold the flaps and glue together, you need to you very strong adhesive - regular double sided stick tape doesn't seem to hold well enough for long lasting project. I recommend a liquid adhesive of some sort. Before gluing the last set of flaps together, you hook a rubberband onto the paper hook (on template). Once assembled, embellish with flowers, ribbons, tags, etc.


  1. This is an amazing project do you have a tutorial for it by any chance?

  2. I will email you the template. ...and edit the above with some instructions.

    Thanks for your lovely compliments.

  3. Since I moved, I am looking for something a I can sent back home to friends. This would be perfect if you could share the template. Such a cool idea!!

  4. I missed out on this one, I'd love the template.



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