Thursday, May 8, 2008

Project Tutorial - Rolodex Project

This was such a fun project, I just had to share. The rolodex ‘box’ is actually a kit from Club Stamp. Then you just cut rolodex cards in varying heights to fit in the box. The box has two wooden dowels that run the length of the box that the rolodex cards fit onto and slide. For my box, I decided to make a single rolodex card per family member and friend. On the front of the card I put a photo of the person and decorated the cards with ribbons or flowers. On the back of the card, I put some basic information such as their name, their relationship to my kids, and any other information I have on them, like their birthdays, what they do for a living, etc.

Supply List:
Rolodex box kit – Club Stamp
Patterned paper – for cutting out rolodex cards


1. Follow instructions for the kit to put the kit together.
2. Paint and rubberstamp on rolodex box as desired.
3. Cut out the rolodex cards in whatever heights you desire, punch holes, and cut slits for the cards to fit onto the dowels.
4. Ink all edges of both sides of the rolodex cards.
5. Add journaling, photos, and embellishments as desired.

Hope you enjoy this fun little project.

Debbie Weller

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