Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Club Scrap Paradise Blog Hop

Paradise Blog Hop!!

Today I am working with Club Scrap's Paradise kit.  If you haven't seen the adorable little parrot rubberstamp in the UM sheet - check it out - it was my total inspiration for this project.  I love parrots, my kitchen is decorated in parrots...Love their bright colored feathers - makes me Happy!!

So I made two projects - The first as shown above - is a parrot in a cage within an explosion box.  The second project - you are probably going to think I am a little nutty on the 2nd project - but hey - I think it is cute, so I went for it!! It is a parrot in birdcage necklace!!

So for both projects - I did some paper piecing to create very colorful parrots.  I stamped the parrot image onto all the bright colored cardstock and trimmed out the pieces of the parrot and then glued it all back together.  I did the reversal - to create both sides of 1 parrot for the first project. only 1 side for the 2nd project

Cut 2 hexagonal pieces, a larger one and a smaller one.  Then trim 1/4 in strips of 12 in paper, you will need 18 of them for the bars and a couple extra for additional supports on the cage.
 Adhere strips to largest hexagon as shown:

 Score one of the 1/4 in strips and score (in my case every 1.5in) to the dimensions of the medium sized hexagon. Adhere overlapping flaps.
 Now I needed something to hold my hexagon strip up, in order to glue 18 strips to, so I had some bead canisters.  I set the hexagon piece on top of the beads, then placed the hexagon strip on top of it.
 I then glued the strips to the hexagon strip as shown:
 Leave an opening to provide a way of removing the beads.
 Next I slipped a tall bottle of paint into the center and place my teeny tiny hexagon on top of lid.
 I then adhered all of the strips to the small hexagon as shown:
 Remove the bottle.   Then I punched a hole in the parrots head and fed a large wire flat head pin.  determine where to bend the wire, that will allow the parrot to hang just perfectly.  Then use a glue dot and adhere to the small hexagon.  (I did add some extra 1/4 inch pieces for aesthetics about an inch from bottom on bars - but not required) Now you and glue the last strips to the close up the cage.
 Lastly, I stamped some of the other images from the kit (leaves, flower, pineapple) and embellish the cage as shown:

 I created a VERY simple explosion box and lid to hold the parrot/cage:

Cut a piece of cardstock just about the size of the parrot. Cut 2 circles a large one and a medium one. The large circle needs to be the same width as the cardstock cut.  Once you add the smaller circle - then trim the cardstock piece to angle down to bottom circle as shown:
 Add that adorable parrot!!!
Adhere 5 strips of 1/4 paper onto top of smallest circle.  Cut another identical circle and adhere over the top (to hide the strip ends).

 Add some jewelry hardware to make cage into a necklace:
 Now adhere the strips to the bottom of the cage.  Cut another circle the same size as bottom and adhere over the strip ends.  Add a flower embellishment.
Add a string and wear with pride - teeheehee - its a bit gawdy and certainly NOT waterproof - but hey its still adorable!!

Thanks for stopping for more great stuff -

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go check out Club Scrap!!!

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin
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  1. Your parrots are so incredibly cute. Love what you did with him. The cages are such a great idea.

  2. Very cute ideas - Thank you for sharing.

  3. Gosh, Debbie, this necklace and the explosion box are FANTASTIC!! Love both of them. So much fun.

  4. Wow! What a uniquely beautiful necklace! Everyone's gonna want one...

  5. That explosion box is so different and amazing Lisa! What a super fun idea!

  6. The parrot and cage is just adorable! Have a great day!

  7. Super cute explosion box, that is so pretty! Love how you used this months kit!!

  8. Your imagination is endless, Deb. I love this box with all the wonderful
    colors and the inside necklace is fantastic!!

  9. That. is. SO. COOL!!! My dad would love this! I may just have to scraplift this! ❤️

  10. So, initially I was pretty sure you'd purchased an expensive steel die to create the birdcage. And then to find out you did it on your own with strips of paper? Genius, as usual, Deb!!! Love it!

  11. That bird cage is something else! My Grandpa Schrader would have had that hanging up over his corner of the kitchen eating bar. Really clever!

  12. Wow, what a surprise in that explosion box! Super creative and clever!

  13. SSOOO creative!! Love that you did something totally 3D! Great projects!



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