Monday, October 30, 2017

October Artist Team Challenge

October Artist Team Challenge

The Artist Team challenge this month is to visit the Club Scrap YouTube channel, choose a video tutorial with a technique that inspires you, then make pages, cards or other projects inspired by that video.

I chose the Card Carrier Tutorial by Tricia. This is an awesome little box carrier to fill with cards and it would be an awesome gift come Christmas - which you KNOW is just around the corner - this would be a perfect gift!! Tricia always has the most amazing ideas and this one is definitely one of them!! You can also go to her blog here for more details with step out photos of this project along with the Youtube video below.

I used the Scandinavia Kit to make my card carrier kit.

I also made a bunch of the GTG cards this month - many of which fit in the card carrier - a few of the taller ones don't - but never the less, I thought I would share them with you all out there in blog land!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Check back soon for more fun stuff!

Now go check out JOSETTE's project next!!!

Or if you want to start at the beginning,

go check out Club Scrap!!!

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Scandinavia Blog Hop

Scandinavia Blog Hop!!

So today I am working with Club Scrap's Scandinavia kit. 

Sooo I know I have written about my little rock fetish before - but I just love how much it makes people happy. AND I am not talking about just kids - we all know how much kids love to find rocks, but adults love finding rocks too!! I just got back from Clubscrap retreat and last year at retreat I had painted a bunch of rocks and left them around for the other retreat goers to find. Well this year everyone was soooo disappointed I hadn't repeated the same thing. One gal told me a story that when she is in a bad mood, she will go find her rock, pick it up and rub it, and it brightens her mood. Do you know how good that makes ME feel??? Just knowing what a simple thing I do, can bring such joy to someone else, just really makes me happy!!!

So anyways here in my local town last summer we started a Facebook rock group - it was very small - like 20-30 people for the longest time...but in the last couple of months it has just boomed...we now have 800 people in our group - I know doesn't sound like a lot, but I don't live in a real large area here in Montana. I love to leave rocks around town and read the stories that come in from folks on the group, it always leave a smile on my face!!

So when the Scandinavia kit came out - I just knew these rubberstamps would be perfect for decorating rocks. Let me show you how to make some pretty rocks that you could leave around your town too and make your local peeps happy too - spread the love!!

Find FLAT rocks...they are easiest to rubberstamp on!! (I get mine at a big huge river with gajillions of rocks).
Place your unmounted rubberstamp onto a mouse pad, sticky side on the pad. This allows a little more flexiblity with trying to stamp on a rounded edges of the rock.
Don't touch the HOT rock!! Let me repeat that: DON'T PICK UP THE HOT ROCK!!!

Flat Rocks
Spray Paint
Versamark ink
Embossing powder
Polycrylic spray

Start by finding a bunch of flat river rocks, if you don't have a river around, you can purchase rock by the pound from landscaping companies. I think you can also purchase at craftstores. I then spray painted my flat rocks with different colors of Matte paint as shown in the photo:

Next place your unmounted stamp onto a mouse pad - sticky side onto pad, use Versamark ink to ink stamp, place rock onto the stamp face, careful roll the rock around to ensure full coverage of stamp onto rock. This is a little tricky.

Next add embossing powder, I used all sorts of different colors even some with tinsel in it, they all seemed to work great:

Next use heat gun to melt embossing powder - now TIP will take a LONG TIME - like way long - like looooonnnnngggggg - OK maybe not that long but if embossing on paper takes say 30 seconds, the rock takes (I am guessing) 2 or 3 minutes...I think that whole darn rock needs to heat up before it melts...but eventually it does...BUT DON'T PICK UP THE HOT ROCK!!!! It will be HOT and probably burn your fingers. I just slide rock onto a piece of cardstock and moved off to the side to cool down. Takes them quite some time to cool down too!!
On the back side of each of my rocks - I put the name of our rock group - occassionally I leave my initials too - and if there is room, I will write "keep or rehide". I have paint pens that I use for this - a lot of gals use Sharpies - which work - but you have to be careful when spraying the protective coating, as it will 'run' unless you spray a very VERY light coat first, let it dry. I use Posca paint pens - the super fine ones are awesome for writing. Some folks use Gel pens with good luck too - so just experiment and see what works for you!! If you are like me, you already have a nice stash of pens in your craft room!!

IMPORTANT LAST STEP is to spray the rocks with polycrylic sealing spray. Do a light first coat, let dry. Then a repeat a few more times to ensure a decent protection on rock. Do on both sides of rock!! This protects it when putting it back out there for others to find it!! Gives the rocks a nice shine while being protective at the same time!!

Thanks for stopping for more great stuff -

go check out Kay's blog hop project!!!
Or if you want to start at the beginning,
go check out Club Scrap!!!

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin

Sunday, October 15, 2017

CAS Fall Challenge 118

Good evening - spent 3 hours today driving with my son who is learning how to drive.  The one nice thing about driving this time of year, is all of those beautiful fall colors - it is just so beautiful out there!!  We saw lots of deer out too, it was a perfect day for a drive!

This was a perfect challenge for today's crafting project:  Clean and Simple Fall/Halloween Challenge #118

I used Club Scrap's newest kit 'Scandanavia' with their adorable Fox and Owl's to create these two cards!  Nothing fancy here - just clean and simple.  

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin

Friday, October 6, 2017

2017 Club Scrap Retreat ATC Cards

Well it is RETREAT time again - my absolutely FAVORITE time of the year!!!   I look forward to this trip more than any trip of the year.  I get to see all my favorite girls from Club Scrap in living color and real life!!  I get to hug and laugh and even shed a few tears (usually at the end when we have to say our goodbyes) with the best gals you will ever meet!!  We have so much fun - there is a ton of fun workshops, gorgeous Club scrap paper to caress, and lots of pampering!!

The first night we exchange ATC's with at least 6 others as sort of a meet & greet activity - I created a few extra, as I have many more friends that I have accumulated over the years!!  Here is the ATC I created this year.

Supply List:
Card board (I recycled old boxes)
Crackle Paint
Bamboo Skewers
Hemp fiber

Cut 2.5x3.5 pieces of cardboard from old boxes.
 Paint card board with gesso.
 Cut (3) slits out of short sides, and (4) slits out of long sides - vary what the slits look like, as shown:

Use the "book page" stamp on chop sticks in black ink, then cut to about 3inches long, then ink with light brown ink, as shown.
 I then cut out some Fleurs de lis (rubberstamp script image and ink with brown ink).  I then glued 3 chopsticks together and added a Fleur de lis on top, let dry.
 Add a wrapping of Hemp fiber around the chop sticks.
 Rubberstamp sentiment on white cardstock.  Cut out each line, ink edges.  Adhere chopstick bundle and sentiment to ATC as shown.

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin


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