Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Club Scrap "Blue Prints" Blog hop!

Good morning bloggers!!  Welcome to another month of the best scrapbook company kit ever!!!  Well I am happy to say the kids are back in school and we are back to a fairly decent routine!

So this month, using BluePrints as my inspiration, I created a fun house-shaped wall hanging.  I made it all from scratch with mat board and cardstock.

Supplies needed:
Mat board
Cardstock "Blue prints" Club Scrap kit
Modge Podge
Embellishments (buttons, charms, flowers, stickers, etc)

Start by cutting a bunch of strips of mat board 1.5inches wide
2.  Cut 4 strips 7.5 inches long - for the walls and floors of the house.
3.  Cut 2 strips 5.25 inches long - for the roof.
4.  Using modge podge, cover the strips of mat board with patterned cardstock.  I only covered 1 side of each of the mat board, the white side, the other side was a charcoal color and I left as is.  I cut the patterned paper larger than the matboard, so that I could use the extra flap and adhere that to the other pieces, making a more stable project.

This is the two roof pieces of mat board with yellow flaps that I will adhere to the house base.
 Here is the stages of covering the walls and floor pieces:
5.  Cut a house base that is 7.5x7.5 with roof as shown:
Cut a piece of cardstock the same shape and using modge podge cover the matboard with cardstock:

6..  Once you have the walls and floor covered with their little flappies, adhere to the house.  Adhere the roof to the house.
7.  Once you have the base of the house, create as many shelves, cubbies, frames, etc as you like.  Here you can see I covered some matboard pieces and adhered to the walls:

8.  Once you have all the cubbies you desire, then embellish away!!  I covered some matboard flowers with patterned cardstock, added paper flowers and buttons.  I stamped butterflies using the Pappilion kit in green on green paper in kit and embellished butterflies with stickles and gems.  I used various stickers from my stash and some awesome metal charms that I picked up at retreat last year.  Here are some close ups of the house.

Well I hope this inspires you to get crafty and make something fun!  Thanks for visiting my blog during the Club Scrap Blog Hop!!

Wanna see some more great creative ideas using this month's kit from ClubScrap???  Just check out the next participant in the Blog Hop, please visit Jill's Blog for more!  You can also visit ClubScrapCreates for the full list of participants.

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin


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