Saturday, February 28, 2009

Layout_Paper_Carving Class

This here cardstock and such is from the latest and greatest "Artifacts" kit from ClubScrap. The frogs in this kit are just to die for cute!! On this particular layout I embellished the frog with various embellishments. The eyes are jeweled brads. The spiral is a sewn strand of square beads. The 'finger tips' are single beads glued on. The 'knees' are glued on jewels. Around the circular photo, I punched holes and threaded ribbon and hung a charm from the bow.

The title and the two triangular pieces with froggies are emboss resist technique.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Coastal layout...

Another digital layout using the ClubScrap Milestone's kit. I tried my hand at doing a stroke technique around the mat - I thought it turned out very cool.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eat at Moe's...Digi-Layout

These photos worked awesome with the "Milestones" ClubScrap Digital kit we got recently...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

PSL - its a LOVE-HATE relationship!!!

Well everytime PSL (ProScrapbookers League) competition comes around, I tell myself 'no - don't sign up...' but for some reason, I always do...

Now for those of you - who don't know what PSL is exactly - it is a a competition sponsered by ClubScrap that runs roughly 8 weeks with some fantastic prizes along the way for the winners. Everyone is assigned to teams - you can either Traditional scrapbook, Digital scrapbook, or make Cards - you just sign up for the appropriate Team. Every week there is a new 'guideline' that you have to meet in order for your layout to qualify for the full 2 points. If you create just a layout that doesn't meet the guideline - then it is worth 1 point.

You are on a team playing against other you wanna help out as much as you can, but if you have a slow week, it really is no problem. But the "Hate" part of this is, I always have this internal need to make sure and do my part to enter as many layouts as I can - which sort of adds more to my plate of stuff to do - which I should never do voluntarily...yet here I am once again - signed up and participating - now the LOVE part of this relationship - look at how many layouts I got done this weekend??? TONS!!! Normally I might get 2 layouts a week done, but PSL - really really kicks my butt into gear and vola' looky looky at the turn out...I only have maybe 4-6 more layouts and I will FINALLY have my whole Oregon Coast vacation album done and ready to send in for printing - wooohoooo!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Digi-Layout "Just Crabby"

Well I was hoping to get more scrapping done last night...but my computer was acting kinda funny, so I had to run a hard drive check which takes HOURS and then I have been kinda getting sick (thank you hubby...) so I ended up having to go to bed instead...

Tonight (and earlier today) we are hosting a birthday party/sleepover for my son's 2 lil which they slammed SLIME into the window and it went EVERYWHERE - yeh NOT easy to clean up...and then one of them dumped my coffee onto the carpet...another not easy to clean up mess...right now I have them semi-calmed down (for probably all of two minutes...) watching a Star wars cartoon...oye its going to be a LONG NIGHT!!!

Ok well this is a digi layout using Club Scrap's ARTIFACTS kit - luv this kit!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cards - Alcohol ink'd cutouts over windows

These are some fun cards. I really like the open windows - gives the cards a whole new look and feel from a generic card.

Alcohol inks & Applicator
Pigment or permanent ink pad
Glossy cardstock
Black pen


1. Cut a piece of glossy cardstock the size of the image you intend on stamping.

2. Apply alcohol inks to the glossy cardstock.

3. Rubberstamp image onto glossy cardstock.

4. Trim out image.

5. Take card back and cut out window of choice.

6. Overlap trimmed out image over window and adhere.

7. Use black pen and mark dashes around the edge of the cut out window.

8. Stamp sentiment inside window or embellish as desired.

Have fun!! DebDuzScrappin'

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Card - Grafitti Technique

I love this simple and effective technique. All you need is lots of similiar 'sentiment' rubberstamps and vola' you can create some great fun cards in just about any theme!!

Rubberstamping 101_Alcohol Inks on Transparencies

This is always a fun technique and thought it would work well with the images from this months' Artifacts kit from

Alcohol Inks on Transparencies Technique

Supplies Needed:
Alcohol Inks (Ranger)
Dabber (Felt pad on applicator)
Ink (stazon, pigment, or something that works on porous materials)

1. Rubberstamp image(s) onto one side of transparency. Let dry or heat set if needed.
2. Flip transparency over. Use applicator and color in image as desired, or just dab&twist on the alchy inks. You can also tap the bottle and sort of sprinkle dots of color onto the transparency. Let dry.
3. Flip back over and adhere transparency to cardstock using brads. Mat onto card back.

Thanks for stopping by...deb

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rubberstamping 101_Embossing Resist

To me, this is just a gorgeous technique, very subtle and a bit shabby, just too snazzy!! Supplies used here are all ClubScrap - cardstock with windows are from the Artifacts "Greetings to go" kit.

Embossing Resist

Supplies needed:
White cardstock
Versamark ink
Clear (or white) embossing powder
Complimentary dye ink pads
Heat Gun

1. Rubberstamp images onto white cardstock using versamark ink.
2. Emboss images with embossing powder/heat gun.
3. Using sponge, dab onto dye ink pad and in a circular motion, color in images. Make the center of the images the darkest color and work your way out. Works best with darker ink or a fairly heavy coat of ink, the images stand out more.
4. Lightly sponge a little more ink into all white areas.
5. Mat onto card back.

Thanks for stopping by. Have Fun!
Debbie Weller
AKA DebDuzScrappin'

Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh My GAWD!!!!

I am just way super duper excited. I just picked up my mail and when I opened up the envelope, I just started sad is that? I mean really - you'd think I had bad news - but no it was tears of joy!!

Soooooo the big news...I made it on the cover of April 2009 Scrap & Stamp magazine with my all time favorite project! I was actually scared to send the project in, afraid I wouldn't get it back in the mail (and it still is not back...), but it really was worth it - especially now, to see it on the cover of the magazine!! I am just beaming!!! I mean it is one thing to get published *in* a magazine - but *ON* the cover - WOW just feels amazing...

This project is my favorite because it is so bright and bold and colorful, but best of all - it showcases tons of the fabulous patterned cardstocks and rubberstamp images from my all time favorite company - CLUBSCRAP!! Inside the magazine - there is a 3 page article and shows examples of some cards also using 'inchies' - woohoo!!

Ok enough of that! Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rubberstamping 101_Alcohol Ink Trifecta

I am a huge fan of bright bold colors - so I am totally loving these projects...the are really much more vibrant in real life, but you at least get the idea.

Alcohol Ink Trifecta

Glossy Cardstock
Alcohol inks (3 colors)
Permanent Ink pad (black)

1. Cut a piece of glossy cardstock. Cut up piece into various smaller pieces as shown. Be sure and keep your pieces together, so you know how to put them back together.

2. Using applicator, apply alcohol ink to the pieces as shown.

3. Put all the pieces back together (tape on the backside if necessary) and Rubberstamp your main image in black permanent ink, let dry if needed.

4. Spread the pieces back out and adhere to cardstock and mat on card back.

Have fun!

Digital scrapbookers - Check this out....

Check out this great digital scrapbooking video by the one and only DarleneScraps - gotta luv it!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jewelry - Plastic piping & eyelets

Here is a couple versions of the necklace that Tricia Morris demonstrated at ClubScrap's Retreat last October.

I did a couple of silver-ish versions and a couple gold versions. The ones my kids' made for their teachers (in the boxes) we added charms (school themed) and put the beads onto the small ball bearing style chain.

The versions I made I did a weave with thin wire and added various beads from my stash.

I was able to purchase the kits of plastic piping, eyelets, chain, etc from

Thanks for looking!

Our motel at the coast...layout...

This *used* to be a great place to stay about 10-15 years ago. It is neat because the motel is up on the cliff and you can walk down the stairs to your own private-ish beach with a great climbing rock in the ocean...but the motel has gone wayyyyy down - I do not recommend it. The place is very worn and well I just won't go there...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cards - Valentine's Day 2009

Here is my Valentine's day cards for 2009.

These are really very easy and FAST to make. I used ClubScrap's FIZZ kit for these particular cards, the colors and stamps are perfect for Valentine's day cards.

Supplies needed:
2-3 complimentary papers/cardstock
"Heart" sizzix diecut
scoring tool/bone folder

To create these cards, follow these steps:

1. Cut a piece of paper into a square 8.5 inch by 8.5 inch.

2. Score a line from one corner to the opposite corner. Fold in half and burnish fold with bone folder.

3. Measure down from top corner (the one *not* on the fold mark) 3.5 inches.

4. Fold opposite lower corner (one on the fold) to the marking. Repeat with the opposite side.

5. Score a line at the top along the edge where the two flaps folded up overlap.

6. Fold the top flap down and tuck into 'pocket' on top. This will hold the whole thing together snuggly.

7. Cut some squares 3in x 3in. Cut in half corner to corner.

8. Rubberstamp images or sentiments onto these triangular pieces.

9. Adhere the triangular pieces to the card as shown.

10. Diecut 'heart shapes' out and rubberstamp sentiment.

11. Hole punch two small holes in top of heart and tie a piece of ribbon through the holes. Adhere to front of card.

12. Now you are done, you can ink edges if desired. Add a card to the inside - I printed photos of my kiddos and matted onto some complimentary cardstock to insert, but you could also drop a few candies in the envelope as well.

Thanks for stopping by!!! If you like my tutorials, please leave me a comment and let me know!!

Debbie Weller
AKA DebDuzScrappin


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