Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Club Scrap HOMESTEAD Blog Hop!


Good morning bloggers!!  Have you seen Club Scraps' new Homestead kit?  It is flipping AWESOME!!  I totally LOVE this kit!

So this month I decided to combine a couple of techniques.  I love these stamps and creating sunsets, but then decided to use the same idea but within a stencil.  These are fast and easy.

Supplies needed:
Club Scrap "Homestead" GTG Kit
Sponge applicator
Removable painter's tape

1.  Start by punching a small circle out of a scrap piece of card stock.  This will be used for the sun.  You can use the entire circle for a full sun, or cut a section off of the sun, to create a setting sun.

2.  Next take the white cardstock and place a stencil on it, using the removable painter's tape, tape the cardstock and stencil down.
3.  If you want the sun yellow, sponge on yellow where you are going to place the sun, otherwise you can let the sun be white.  Place the circle cardstock, where you want the sun. You can temporarily adhere if you the right kind of adhesive, otherwise just use your finger and hold it in place.  Using a sponge, ink neon orange on the rest of the visible cardstock.  Using sponge, ink darker orange on the outer 3/4-1 in. edge of the stencil.  Now you can sponge some red on the very outer edges of the stencil.

4.  You can remove the stencil now - this is what it will look like:
I just love the graduated change in colors.

5.  Using black ink, stamp the Windmill image and sentiment.  Mat card front and adhere to card back.

Stencils used are from Club Scrap kits from July 09 Memoirs, May 2011 Papillon, and October 2004

Well I hope this inspires you to get crafty and make something fun!  Thanks for visiting my blog during the Club Scrap Blog Hop!!
Wanna see some more great creative ideas using this month's kit from ClubScrap???  Just check out the next participant in the Blog Hop, please visit Jill's Blog for more!  You can also visit ClubScrapCreates for the full list of participants.

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sunset on the farm card

 I love these stamps from ClubScrap's Homestead kit with creating sunset backgrounds.

Use a circle punched out of cardstock to mask off the sun.  Sponge ink around it.  I did orange and yellow on this card and left the sun the color of the base cardstock. 
The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin

Monday, October 27, 2014

"Homestead" sympathy cards

 A simple set of Sympathy cards.

Cut a large circle to use as a mask.  Temporarily tape in place over cardstock.  Sponge in yellow ink.
 Then sponge in orange ink around the outer edge.
 Remove mask, stamp image and sentiments.  Mat and adhere to card backs.

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Windmill Halloween Card.

Halloween Card

Anyone who has gotten to know my sis and I at retreat *knows* how much we love Halloween - many years at retreat, we manage to squeeze in a trip to the local haunted houses as part of the fun of the when this months' kit arrived, I was anxious to make a Halloween card.

This is a pretty easy and fast card.

1.  Start by cutting a large circle out of a piece of scrap cardstock.  Temporarily tape down over white cardstock.
2.  Sponge yellow ink onto cardstock.  Remove mask.  Sponge on orange ink as shown:
3. Using black ink, stamp Windmill and weeds images as shown, then sponge on ink around the edge of the card front.
4.  Stamp "Happy Halloween" in black ink, mat and adhere onto card back.

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin

Saturday, October 4, 2014


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