Friday, February 27, 2015

Book Box Double Frame

Book Box Double Frame

Stacked Book Box kit (ClubScrap)
Black paint
4 Wooden feet


1.  Using the SMALL book box frame parts - cut each of the long and short walls in half lengthwise, creating pieces for 2 frames, one for each side of the book box.  Glue the frames together.  Add a shelf and divider using the left over mat board pieces from the the MEDIUM box (not used int he jewelry box created in last post).  Paints the frame with black ink:
 2.  Create the rest of the SMALL book box per the instructions for the kit - then add these 2 frames to the book box.

3.   Paint the 4 wooden feet black. Let dry. Then using 'script' stamp and white ink and run the feet over the rubberstamp.
 4.  Adhere feet to the bottom of the box.
 5.  Embellish frames with photos and goodies.

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin
 photo Artistteambadge_rsz_zpsee8cbeff.jpg


  1. Such a fun idea to make the book into amemory frame. I keep that in mind when the twin is born, for i just love your idea for the inside of my box.

  2. WOWZA! Debbie, this idea is just so cool, would have never thought of it. I think I need to dig out some book board to create my own. WONDERFUL JOB!!!

  3. Clever how you trimmed the long and short walls in half, so you could have two frames that meet perfectly in the middle! TFS!

  4. Brilliant Deb! Adorable pics inside too!



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