Thursday, November 13, 2014

Butterfly Twinchies

 Here are the Butterfly Twinchies I made for swapping at Club Scraps' retreat this year.  I made 3 different colors, orange, green, and purple ones.
 I started by using Club Scraps butterfly (or maybe it is a moth) image to create an SVG file for my cricut and cut out a bajillion butterflies from white cardstock paper.
 I then used the "Daisy definition" stamp from CS and stamped on 1/3 of the stamps.  Just the 1 butterfly of the 3 that will be on each of my twinchies.
 I then inked the edges of all the butterflies.
 I cut some wire, folded in half and then rolled the ends into loops, creating the antennae of the butterfly.
 I took the bottom butterfly and slipped the folded edge onto the tail end of the butterfly, twisted the antenna about 3 times. 
 Attach the 2nd and 3rd butterflies on top.
 I used liquid adhesive to adhere the three butterflies together, so let them dry.
 While they were drying, I cut the 2x2 inch mat boards and created the base.  I peeled the paper back on crayons and used my heat gun to melt the crayons onto the matboard.
 Here is what they looked like.  Let cool/dry.
 Attach butterflies to the matboard using hot glue gun.
 Bend the wings up and the antenna up giving it a more life like look.
 Last but not least, add some gems to the body of the butterfly!

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin

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  1. These are so beautiful Debbie, well done and thanks for sharing the cool melted crayon technique. Looks amazing.



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