Monday, February 27, 2012

Travel Journal

Hey gang - I am so excited about this project!  This is a sample of my "Travel Journal".  It is not my real one, as I am making some modifications to this sample and will post that version as well, when I am done creating it.  This one was sort of testing out my brainstorming ideas and workin' up the specifics for a final one.  BUT that being said - I really really liked how the "Full Circle" ClubScrap kit worked with this "Mexico" travel journal.  My goal was to have a better way of remembering everything we do along the trip, so that I can have an easier time journaling on my scrapbook pages when I create them later on.  Oh and it is not shown in any of the photos - but I did attach a pen on a piece of fiber and it hangs from the metal binding on the inside of the journal - so I will also have a writing tool handy!

Here are more detailed photos, these first two show the front of the journal - I wanted the journal to sort of look like a piece of "vintage luggage" and embellished it accordingly, I also made some Faux luggage labels using various ClubScrap rubberstamps and cutting them out with fun edged scissors and inking them.  This first photo is when the journal is closed with a tie clasp and the 2nd photo is when the overflap is open:

Here is a photo of the back side of the journal when closed:
Here is a couple of the photos of it while standing partially open, there is a lot of fun and interesting pages inside full of great eye candy:

This is a photo of the inside of the front cover where I added a map of our trip.  I used a piece of fiber along with brads to illustrate our travel.  You can also see the front side of page one, where I added a map of mexico, which is our destination.

This is the back side of page one, which is really part of an envelope, which can be opened and store various travel documents for the trip, along with a nice journal block.  You can also see the front side of page 2, which holds a tag that I would add all of our specific flight information for the trip down.
Here is the back side of page 2 - which holds a tag of our flight information home.  Page 3 front includes three separate pockets with 3 separate tags - one for foods we eat, restaurants visited, one for people we meet, and one for our favorite memories.
Here is a photo of the three separate tags:

Backside of Page 3 has one tag with journaling lines for anything extra that I didn't think of in advance.  Front of page 4 has a journaling box along with two tags - each tag has a date (one on the front and one on the back) and a section for journaling the activities from that day.  
Here is the first set of tags, both front and back sides of them:
Here is the back side of page 4 and the front of page 5 - which also has two sets of tags:
Here is the second set of tags, both front and back sides:
Here is the back side of page 5, has a journal box and front of page 6 - page 6 is another envelope with clasp to hold any memorabilia collected along the way:
Lastly, this is the backside of page 6 -  where I put all sorts of journaling boxes, just in case I need more and the inside back cover - where I added a local map, at street level, of the city we will be visiting most of the time:
Welp that is it - hope it helps inspire you for your next adventure!

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin

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