Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project Tutorial - Pizza Box Drawers

Club Scrap Pizza Box
6 Drawer Cube

This last weekend I was busy making some cards and for the life of me I couldn't remember if I had a Club Scrap stamp that said "happy anniversary" right? You see I store all my Club Scrap kits in their pizza boxes - stamps (including the extra stamps) and all. So I had to start shuffling around boxes and well let's just say it was taking way too long, so I was getting flustered with myself and my current method of storage (for the extra stamps only – not everything else – I still love storing it all together) and decided I needed to put all my "sentiment stamps" from CS in one spot - so I could avoid this in the future...but the big question was where?

Sooooo a few hours later the answer finally came to me. Why not use the pizza boxes for my sentiment rubberstamps too?....BUT *not* the traditional way of having to open them, I needed easier access - so I thought DRAWERS, YES drawers would be perfect. So I spent an evening and came up with some drawers....

Supplies Needed:

7 Club Scrap pizza boxes (to create a 6 drawer cube)
Clear Packing tape
Stapler (optional)


Basically you will be cutting each box into two pieces, one piece (the lid of box) for the drawer, and the rest of the box will become part of the cube.

To make the Drawers:

1. Take a pizza box, and cut the whole lid off PLUS the back edge of the lid.
2. I took the lid and stapled (you could use tape – I just found stapling faster) the front two ‘flappy’ things to the inside of the sides of each drawer, then on the backside of the drawer, you need to tape the back flap to the sides of the drawer
3. I then cut sort of a very fat “V” shape in the front of the drawer so that you can slide your hand in to pull the drawer open.
4. Repeat this process, making 6 drawers.

To make the Cube:

1. Now take the 7th box and cut off just the front two flaps of the box leaving the rest of the box in tact. This box will be the top box of the cube and give strength to the whole cube.
2. Stack only 5 of the “lid-less” boxes (throw the 6th lidless one away) and stack them one on top of the other, then stack the 7th “with lid” box on the very top, this will make the 6th drawer entry. Of course making sure the openings are all on the same side.
3. Tape the whole mess of boxes together. If it makes it easier you can tape two at a time and then tape them together – probably would make them sturdier doing it that way.
4. I also covered the outside of the cube with some pattern paper (a single 12x12 sheet fits nicely) to cover up all the miscellaneous writing/postage/addresses, etc.
5. I wrote the names of the different CS kits on the front of each drawer.

Good luck and have fun!!
Debbie Weller


  1. just found your post on a link through buzzfeed. I am doing this for all of my makeup! finally a storage container that will be Big enough! Thanks for the great idea

    1. As soon I saw this picture, I thought the perfect thing for these would be makeup as well! This idea can be used for not then just stamps :)

  2. Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post.

    Thank you for providing this information.


  3. Did you use used pizza boxes?

    If not, where did you get them? And if you did use used boxes, was there a smell of pizza or damage from the grease?

  4. Melissa - these are NOT used pizza boxes. I get a scrapbook kit (Club Scrap) each month and it arrives in a pizza box - so I used my empty boxes to create the tower. I would not recommend using 'used' boxes....

  5. Love this idea!! However, I haven't gotten a complete grasp of the project yet. (Unfortunately I need to see the steps at times.) Just a note, if you have access to a restaurant supply store you can get boxes in at least 4 sizes!!


    1. i think that the size doesn't matter as long as the size is consistent throughout all the boxes. you could make different sized drawers depending on the size of the pizza box. hope that helped! :)
      btw how do you prevent the drawers from coming out completely?



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