Wednesday, March 25, 2015

50s Kitchen Blog Hop

Club Scrap "50s Kitchen" Blog Hop

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Welcome to my blog today!!  So glad to have you here.  Well it looks like Spring has shown up in Montana a wee bit early this year, course our weather can change its mind and drop a truckload of snow any day...crossing my fingers for a pleasant spring and not too much rain!

Metal cookie sheet
50s Kitchen kit (Clubscrap)
Mini wooden clothes pins
Modge Podge
Embellishments (bottle caps, buttons, flowers, brads, ribbon)


Cut blue patterned cardstock to fit cookie sheet and adhere using modge podge:
 Add some strips of red patterned paper:
 Add some checkered ribbon (comes in the kit):
 Cover the clothes pin with patterned paper and ink edges with red ink:
 Print out a sheet of your menu options, cut and ink edges.  Adhere red buttons to the clothes pins and add some cardboard letters for the days of the week.  I used the ones you can color with ink and colored them yellow.
Here is the final clothes pins with menu choices:
Create a pocket using envelope maker to hold your future menu choices.  Adhere to cookie sheet.  Print out labels and attach to cookie sheet.  Attach the clothes pins to the cookie sheet, add embellishments as shown:

 Last, using cropodile, punch two holes in top lip of cookie sheet and attach a ribbon for hanging on the wall:

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy my project and find it inspiring!!

Now would you like to see some more great creative ideas using this month's kit from ClubScrap???  Just check out the next participant in the Blog Hop, please visit Jill's Blog for more!  You can also visit ClubScrap's Blog for the full list of participants.

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin
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  1. Wonderful inspiration here. Thank you for showing us this absolutely wonderful way of showing what's on the menu.

  2. Deb,I am in love with your tray!
    What a great idea and you made all the details so beautifully!!

  3. What a GREAT idea...this would solve the issue of being asked what's for dinner which I'm sure we all get multiple times during the week (or multiple times daily like my guys)! LOL!! Such fun :)

  4. Oh. My. When the image loaded I pretty much gasped in awe. Yet another delightful project from your creative mind. LOVE it!!!!

  5. Debbie, Wonderful use of this kit and a functional item to display! I need one of these so badly, I have the worst time trying to decide what to make for dinner most nights.... I think I know what my next project is, thanks!! Great job!!

  6. OMG I LOVE it!!! I can totally see doing something like this, my only problem is the little pocket would be overflowing as I am constantly trying new recipes and such. I'd also have to be careful that DBF didn't remove the items he doesn't like and hide them so they didn't go back into the rotation ;)

  7. Adorable! Nice way to keep the family informed! Have a great day Debbie!

  8. Excellent project, Debbie! Ultra creative and SO practical! I can see this being used for many years--and folks asking you to make one for them in various color combinations. Get ready for some orders!!

  9. This is awesome and practical! Love it!

  10. So cute, clever, and USEFUL! Great project, Debbie!

  11. What a great way to keep track of what's for dinner! My kids would love this and they wouldn't have to ask me what we're eating.

  12. Oh I would use this! Especially that pocket full of dinner ideas! Really neat project Deb!

  13. Wow! I am beyond inspired. I gotta have one of these!

  14. Wow, what a great idea! I am blown away.

  15. Your creativity is astounding! The family would love this!

  16. Oh, I am going to steal this for sure! Much prettier and craftier than my printed out weekly menu; maybe the kids will get into helping me keep it updated . . . :-D

  17. Well your cookie sheet Menu post is a big huge hit with us!!! Thank You!

  18. Clever, clever, clever. What a way to get kids involved and encouraging them to read.

  19. This is so flippin cute! A great gift idea too!

  20. This is so cute, I probably wouldn't use it on a daily basis but I would love it just as a wall hanging in my kitchen, I LOVE it!



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